Monday, July 27, 2009

Ayam-ayam yang telah di"ayam"kan

Whenever Zukry told me that he was going for futsal game or training, I was always in not a good modd thinking that he would leave me and not calling after or before the game (which is actually the usual thing)... So i was thinking, he must be the star. He loves the game so much that i believe that he is somehow among the best player.

But Zukry dalam Team Ayam B last weekend. Apahal??? Hehehe... rupa-rupanya his passion tak sampai dalam permainan. Tapi dia tetap hebat beraksi, ada wife kan luar court kot.

Team Ayam B tak kemana pun. Team Ayam A pun setakat tempat ketiga. So mereka inilah ayam-ayam yang telah di"ayam"kan ;)

Ayams, jangan marah. i know you played your best! I was there.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Awesome Weekend

My weekend started off perfectly. A wake up beside him, a breakfast at the best nasi lemak, that is at AU2, Taman Keramat (Sebelah AEON Jusco) drove off to KLCC for Black and White theme family gathering, drive to Anis wedding at Rawang - drive to KL Tower - busy, busy, busy!

The not-so-new-pengantin yang giler serabai with the newly-weds. Congratulations ANIS! Za is next? Or Tahirah? Or MAWARNI? No, no... must be Huda... :)

My first visit to KL Tower. How was it? It was great! I didn't know that KL Tower has a lot of other activities than the view and the thrill of eating up on a tower. We were the second last people. Driving back from Rawang, change and drive back out; yeah... we weren't that hungry but I was just thrilled to see the faces again. Faces whom i have missed for about a month.

Casually sedondon. But then again, no hype since everyone is in Black and White. the reason behind the theme (just realized!) : bendera PAHANG! Ni sumer orang Pahang belaka!

Happy 1 month, Zukry!!! :D

I'm in Miri & he just landed in Labuan.

I hope friends and families (especially) understand what we are going through at the moment. Like yesterday and today, i feel terrible for having to be with my family in like minutes and if in hours - shared with others. Zukry and I have only these few days to meet, and at the same time - i would want to share with EVERYONE. I'm greedy at this point of time, but to love and be loved; i think greedy is necessary.

So basically, whatever it is; we'll try to arrange as much of meetings as possible. It's fun & somewhat calming to be with Zukry nowadays... :) Like facebook, I LIKE THIS!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


i have the weekend to myself this time. A first after a month with my husband, Zukry (yes, my husband!). Hehe. i got really sad when i had nothing to do, so instead of doing nothing; i keep myself busy.

Just got out from POPULAR, a bigger, newer, better bookstore now that Plaza Bintang has expanded. I bought RM250 worth of book!!! One of it, i wonder if its too soon to read... ;P KakLaila, you haven't answer my SMS.