Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Greetings from Zukry's wife

hi all. I'm so sorry for having to keep this page idle for about a month now. You have no idea how much things i wanted to share but never got to have the time to sit down and properly write everything down. Now that I'm happily turned into Zukry's other half, still very busy adjusting to becoming a wife. I have a lot of stories; i just don't know where to start. Pre, wedding, post, honeymoon, wife, everything! I guess, i'll start by Thanking all who has made my wedding the most exciting thing in my life. I was overjoyed that tired means fun during the event...


Anonymous said...


why don't you combine your voucher with zukry's ang get a hardcover pregnancy and birth book. it should be enough :) i have one if you need recommendation.


theQueen said...

*super biggg hug*


letak gmbar byk2 tau :D

atun said...

congratulations on your wedding, Teeny!