Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm away - Sorry

I'll be updating from time to time, now that i'm connected to the world again. sabar ye.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun weekend

I have not been writing nor blogging for many-many days now! I have two more pending things - work related which is driving me crazy! Yet, i'm lepaking berfoya-foya with my family, lipat-lipat kad kahwin (yes, dah siap!) and today... I have to pack my bags and be gone! back to Miri where the oil fown under there is my reJeki.

and tonight, it's official! My alamat will no longer be Lutong Baru, something else. From a double storey semi-D to a single storey terrace house. My things are all there. This is quite exciting! Going back to a new start! :)

Nadia, thanks for yesteday. absolute greatness! jangan lupa photog thing.

Papehal, nak keluar check in at KL sentral as everybody is busy - takleh hantar gi KLIA. Sabo jele... Zukry, koling2. Dah sampai Labuan blum. dia ada bachelor party at Kota Kinabalu this long weekend. agak melampau kan, but whatever...