Friday, April 10, 2009

Where was I? Part II

I am currently in KL.

After a tiring but very beneficial trip to Kerteh, on Sunday - Tuesday, I was at Trader's Hotel KL. Had monthly meeting with our marketing peeps at the ever tall KLCC and yesterday, had designed my dress for Majlis Bertandang at my favourite (but a whee bit expensive) tailor... Today was again a very busy day for me. Non-stop driving, berjalan, everywhere!

Was at Puchong for finalization of wedding card design. Pretty happy to see it all happended in front of my eyes. But Mak made comments on the "mempersilakan" sentences and some amendments on the map still, i had to email him again and hope to say; "PRINT" by Wednesday! Jalan TAR in the evening to find that perfect box for chocolates. Guests, we'll give you a sweet surprise.

My bertandang dress was supposed to be ready for fitting tomorrow before extreme beading follows. And the cake lady appointment with Makteh and Maktam, early morning too!

Yosh, I'm just everywhere these few days. I should post more photos but i don't know why i didn't take any. Must take photos on events tomorrow! Remind me. hehehe... 63 days TO GO, dear TEENY!

And tonight, Zukry is at some Labuan padang, main bola. Sigh......

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