Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today - Back to Miri...

Hey All,

There are photos for yesterday’s activities, but haven’t been uploaded into the pc yet. But here are some pictures from my first trip to Gua Niah 2 years ago with my family…

That's me behind my dad. Without my shoes on. I was wearing my PUMA sneakers, but the socks were too low and my feet did not survive kemelecetan... Terpaksa buka kasut (only on the way back)

Mizan yang menggayakan moto "Usaha Tangga Kejayaan". Look at his feet, those are Bally shoes coming all the way from Europe tau! And it survived Gua Niah, he is still wearing them now. Tahan!

Ladies that survived the trip. Mak, Baby and Me before the boat trip back to the head quarters. Phewww! Look at our jeans. Please don't wear jeans for Gua Niah trip!

And lastly, my parents. 30 years anniversary in 2009!

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The Editor said...

Aik...anak Tuan Haji Aris ke? ;-). Kirim Salam kat Ayah.