Saturday, April 18, 2009

hari ini hari sabtu.

I'm moving out from this huge house to a much smaller one with Izza. I'm 100% excited about this actually. I was waiting for a big change this 2009. Last year was about me performing in a different section, this year as part of the wedding plan; i'm moving to a new house... ;)

Today, i woke up to a shot of Rajin-ness! I sweeped, mopped, scrubbed carpets, moving chairs, sofas, tables, all by myself and i'm very proud of that. That really was a rare sight! Mak must be proud too. Haha! Now I'm segregating all things that are mine in the kitchen. I gave up with my room already last week but must start with it tomorrow.

I have lots of baju i want to give aways, but i don't know to who. Siapa yang teringin dress up like me, sila contact. I bagi for free. No kidding. Of course, mana yang i taknak aje...

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Anonymous said...

dah kawin nanti rajiness tu kena ada everyday hahaha