Friday, March 27, 2009

My game, Tennis

Visu mentioned this today. "It's OK if you don't want to encourage, just don't discourage" She said this of course, regarding to whatever drama that was going on in our office. This was obviously in regards to do something good, not like she wanted to menipu/start merokok/things like that... It was a truly genuine good initiative. That's all.

Anyway, SKO Games started this week. Mach 5 – Netball has already over and we won the gold medal. This year, I ter'left' behind because of my 1 week-leave. I didn't get to see the opening. I heard it was quite something though... Never mind that, I'm still playing tennis this year! Yeah! When you like it, you don't make up reasons not to go. Even though, no one close to me actually played the game; I still went for the training and up for our games next week!

I was surrounded by wannabes and pro players, men mostly. You will hear Teeny with her "Yay", "Whee" every time she made her in ball! I hope the men don't mind though. Tergedik2 kat court. Haha! My stroke was alright, the serve still very soft but what the hell; yang penting main! ;)


Anonymous said...

going to borneo games?


Harteeny said...

Borneo Game is in Miri this time. And 2009, no tennis. So, i won't be playing. as for other games; there were just to many pros to beat...