Thursday, March 5, 2009

A lot in 1 entry.

Things to do:

(1) Meet Yati the Wedding Planner (Again) and dictate what I want :)
(2) Call kad kahwin guy, make appointement and tempah a gazzilion cards for Friends and families. URGENT!
(3) Reception dress for Bertandang. Buy material, send to Peggy?
(4) Meet people, hang out. jangan tension2.


OK, moving on... I created these from a website just to seee the color of my choice somehow matches with everything. This is sort of scrapbooking but without a book. Hehehe... Best kan? :)

Now that you guys know what color I'm going to wear, please don't sabotage the ceremony by wearing the same color dresses ye. Mekaseh. I mean this! :P

Ok, below are the most awaited videos! I have already downloaded the dance video on youtube and it's gonna be there for a week only. Please, please, please bersabar loading the videos because they are long especially the second but most important one. Hehehe...

(1) Champion dancing to Katy Perry's Hot & Cold
(2) Last year Champion bootyshaking to Beyonce's Single Ladies
(3) The cute Soraya with her mother (MakTeh) singing ABBA's Dancing Queen.

So, enjoy these people. I miss everyone! Seriously looking forward for Saturday!

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