Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a little reminder to all fashionista

Hi. I know it's a craze over tight nowadays. But ladies, please be mindful. I saw a girl in KLCC (while shopping for Zukry's watch last week) who thought her tights was opaque but it was NOT. It was purple and she dressed it up with a not-long-enough tshirt/blouse/whatever; not noticing that she actually showed a little not-appropriate-place of hers to the public. Sebagai seorang perempuan, agak malu melihat perkara sedemikian. Make sure your tights are really opaque. Ask your sister, friends, family... or wear long tshirt/blouse/whatever, as in long lah. Don't try to be clever/funny/fashion victim by just following the trend.

And I have to say, it's a definite NO-NO to those who covers their head. I mean, OK; i too wear Jeans. Tight or not, jeans is actually made of denim; so the effect isn't quite like tights. Be it lycra, glossy, shining, 80's type, colourful, see thru whatever... I find it really, just not suitable. Just my innocent thought. Hehehe...

I remember some of my friends wear the arm stokings. That was supposed to make sure, whenever their sleeve were accidently pulled up, stuck on something, terangkatlah kesimpulannya; the stokings would still covers their hands. I just thought that the stokings was not the answer to "i-can-wear-short-sleeve" tshirt. Kalau angkat tangan, nampak ketiak babe! :) wahaha... So, no point.

You may want to be fashion forward, but just be careful of what you choose... :)

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Zulaikha said...

I really, really hate people wearing those arm stokings, haiya..NO POINT in wearing them.