Monday, March 2, 2009

The Greatest Ship of All

Friend-Ship :)

I was talking with Visu about it today. Visu and I didn't share the weekend together but we went to watch The Pink Panther II on Friday night, had a plate of lasagne and the best coffee afterwards at Coffee Bean. Anyway, while we were on this topic today (over Chapati, yum!), I was reminded of failed friendship I have encountered my 26 years living. Of course, when it has failed; it was just a bad thing/feeling/stressful/simply negative vibe all over but the real question was WHY it has failed in the first place?

Really, I couldn't remember the exact reason. I remember two (2) different failures which I am not going to state with who. But really, the reason was really vague or it was simply stupid/silly... I don't want to regret it, but I am pretty sure, if I was a little bit wiser + a little less pride/egoistic + simply have this I-don't-care attitude; these two very good friends will still be contacting me until now... When I think about it, I was then a very proud and sensitive person at the same time. I would be stressing about it non-stop, crying without a reason and still be hard-headed; just didn't want to deal with the person or the distance already created. Weird but so true!

So, the very friends I have now; please know that you're treasured. Really, no kidding. If I was still in MRSM now, I'd be writing this down in my journal and nobody gets to read it. But with this blogging world technology brought us, I'm confessing here that I treasured all of my friends especially the closest ones (you know who you are :P)

I can't wait to go back to KL this Saturday. My flight would be really early in the morning, so I get to start my day in KL really early. ETA at about 8.40 AM... Tak sabarnya! BTW, my cousin; Nadia is performing at The Apartment, KLCC this Saturday night with her group Luscious. Anyone interested to go, please let me know because I want to go too... Zukry?

Oh, the birthday present I got from Zukry. The digital camera... It was the PENTAX Optio M60 like the pictures I GOOGLE-d below. I have no photography skill like everyone is acquiring nowadays, so really; my pictures were same-old2. Hehehe... Despite the little merajuk2 I am having now, (it started 30 minutes ago when he already bought his ticket to go back to KL this July, while I was bragging about; I-have-a-meeting-in-Singapore-that-time-so-I-don't-have-to-buy-one); he is just the GREATEST :) Wait for me at Arrival Hall, KLIA ah this Saturday?


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