Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cerita Hantaran

No, not the duit hantaran… the gifts. Well, not the gift; the accessories to decorate the gift!

Last year, after Zukry’s family came for ‘merisik’; I started to really get on with having a wedding in a year or so. Of course, during these period until even now; I was obsessed with bridal magazines be it local like Pesona Pengantin, (Nona-Perempuan-Wanita – these I usually bought cheaper at Pasar Malam Miri) or foreign ones like Modern Bride.

I was thinking that bunga dip and bunga stokin is the only way to go for bunga hantaran or bunga pahar. I can’t think of any other options would make the perfect (in my case then, engagement) bunga hantaran. Not until KakLong bought a few stalks of black and white flowers from Thailand. Not until I went to SSF Jalan TAR and see a zillion of other flower that was neither made of dip nor stokin. And I thought, without those two, I prepared a grand hantaran for Zukry still. :) See KakLong (at entry on her effort to make them. BTW KakLong, you can brag about it in your blog. Afterall, you made them! ;) Thanks for the one extra bunga. It was use for MakTeh’s Secret Recipe’s cake (last entry!)

Now, for my hantaran kahwin; I have zilch interest in bunga dip and bunga pahar. Well, not zilch; but not as much as before. Hehehe… Mind you, I actually bought a CD from for four flowers made of dip and stokin. That was when, “I-must-make-these-flowers” moment hit. Girlfriends please let me know, if you want to borrow it for your wedding. I’d be happy to lend it (Pinjam je tau! ;))

This time for hantaran, we are going to still use artificial flowers. But the flowers are not from Thailand; from SSF, Jalan TAR. It’s going to be girly-girly even though the trays are for Zukry. Sorry, dear. But people say; we give what we like most kan? Hehehe… KakLong, everything ada kat bilik bawah eh. If you have no time to pick them up; I will be back in 2 weeks time (insyaAllah) A friend of mine did offer to made the hantaran out of fresh flowers, but I don’t know – I thought nobody is going to use the flowers up, why waste such good money. Saya bukan pengantin kaya. Haha! :)

Oh, we are going to re-use all bases from engagement last Oct. We (KakLong and me) simply ask Zukry to bring back all bases (the one that was made from polystyrene) as he claimed that they were not use. I realized 1 set of flower form hantaran was used inside his bros car ;) Berguna jugak rupanya…

With good ribbons, the simplest alas dulang (which I made myself with Huda the night before the engagement!), a lot of ideas and creativity, soft and lentuk tangan yang ikhlas; memang cantiklah the decorations of my hantaran… Best! Can’t wait to see the hasil for kahwin nanti pulak ;)


theQueen said...

kak tiniiii..
ur wedding is on 13th june kann?
dah cuak lak tgk kalender jun cm penuh je nihh

Harteeny said...

Yes dear. Reception on 13. Do come ya! book your calendar. dapat kerja mana?

theQueen said...

lol..that means every wiken in june, i have weddings to attend! XD
lom dpt lagi la T_T
miri tade kosong ke?

Harteeny said...

If that's the case, you have no excuse. Wajib datang... Hehe. About kerja in Miri, are you sure you want to kerja here? Think a gazillion times first. Haha! Vacant, always ada.