Friday, March 27, 2009

Shady, you made my day too...

I just got to post this. Like Shady said, The smallest gesture can be the sweetest thing!

"Teeny gave me an email a week ago and I felt so happy to hear from her. The smallest gesture can be the sweetest thing! She's getting married to Zukry, and I really laughed out loud when she mentioned 'i'll tell u my ding dong jokes' (can so imagine her saying that). You made my day baybeh :)"

My game, Tennis

Visu mentioned this today. "It's OK if you don't want to encourage, just don't discourage" She said this of course, regarding to whatever drama that was going on in our office. This was obviously in regards to do something good, not like she wanted to menipu/start merokok/things like that... It was a truly genuine good initiative. That's all.

Anyway, SKO Games started this week. Mach 5 – Netball has already over and we won the gold medal. This year, I ter'left' behind because of my 1 week-leave. I didn't get to see the opening. I heard it was quite something though... Never mind that, I'm still playing tennis this year! Yeah! When you like it, you don't make up reasons not to go. Even though, no one close to me actually played the game; I still went for the training and up for our games next week!

I was surrounded by wannabes and pro players, men mostly. You will hear Teeny with her "Yay", "Whee" every time she made her in ball! I hope the men don't mind though. Tergedik2 kat court. Haha! My stroke was alright, the serve still very soft but what the hell; yang penting main! ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cerita Hantaran

No, not the duit hantaran… the gifts. Well, not the gift; the accessories to decorate the gift!

Last year, after Zukry’s family came for ‘merisik’; I started to really get on with having a wedding in a year or so. Of course, during these period until even now; I was obsessed with bridal magazines be it local like Pesona Pengantin, (Nona-Perempuan-Wanita – these I usually bought cheaper at Pasar Malam Miri) or foreign ones like Modern Bride.

I was thinking that bunga dip and bunga stokin is the only way to go for bunga hantaran or bunga pahar. I can’t think of any other options would make the perfect (in my case then, engagement) bunga hantaran. Not until KakLong bought a few stalks of black and white flowers from Thailand. Not until I went to SSF Jalan TAR and see a zillion of other flower that was neither made of dip nor stokin. And I thought, without those two, I prepared a grand hantaran for Zukry still. :) See KakLong (at entry on her effort to make them. BTW KakLong, you can brag about it in your blog. Afterall, you made them! ;) Thanks for the one extra bunga. It was use for MakTeh’s Secret Recipe’s cake (last entry!)

Now, for my hantaran kahwin; I have zilch interest in bunga dip and bunga pahar. Well, not zilch; but not as much as before. Hehehe… Mind you, I actually bought a CD from for four flowers made of dip and stokin. That was when, “I-must-make-these-flowers” moment hit. Girlfriends please let me know, if you want to borrow it for your wedding. I’d be happy to lend it (Pinjam je tau! ;))

This time for hantaran, we are going to still use artificial flowers. But the flowers are not from Thailand; from SSF, Jalan TAR. It’s going to be girly-girly even though the trays are for Zukry. Sorry, dear. But people say; we give what we like most kan? Hehehe… KakLong, everything ada kat bilik bawah eh. If you have no time to pick them up; I will be back in 2 weeks time (insyaAllah) A friend of mine did offer to made the hantaran out of fresh flowers, but I don’t know – I thought nobody is going to use the flowers up, why waste such good money. Saya bukan pengantin kaya. Haha! :)

Oh, we are going to re-use all bases from engagement last Oct. We (KakLong and me) simply ask Zukry to bring back all bases (the one that was made from polystyrene) as he claimed that they were not use. I realized 1 set of flower form hantaran was used inside his bros car ;) Berguna jugak rupanya…

With good ribbons, the simplest alas dulang (which I made myself with Huda the night before the engagement!), a lot of ideas and creativity, soft and lentuk tangan yang ikhlas; memang cantiklah the decorations of my hantaran… Best! Can’t wait to see the hasil for kahwin nanti pulak ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a little reminder to all fashionista

Hi. I know it's a craze over tight nowadays. But ladies, please be mindful. I saw a girl in KLCC (while shopping for Zukry's watch last week) who thought her tights was opaque but it was NOT. It was purple and she dressed it up with a not-long-enough tshirt/blouse/whatever; not noticing that she actually showed a little not-appropriate-place of hers to the public. Sebagai seorang perempuan, agak malu melihat perkara sedemikian. Make sure your tights are really opaque. Ask your sister, friends, family... or wear long tshirt/blouse/whatever, as in long lah. Don't try to be clever/funny/fashion victim by just following the trend.

And I have to say, it's a definite NO-NO to those who covers their head. I mean, OK; i too wear Jeans. Tight or not, jeans is actually made of denim; so the effect isn't quite like tights. Be it lycra, glossy, shining, 80's type, colourful, see thru whatever... I find it really, just not suitable. Just my innocent thought. Hehehe...

I remember some of my friends wear the arm stokings. That was supposed to make sure, whenever their sleeve were accidently pulled up, stuck on something, terangkatlah kesimpulannya; the stokings would still covers their hands. I just thought that the stokings was not the answer to "i-can-wear-short-sleeve" tshirt. Kalau angkat tangan, nampak ketiak babe! :) wahaha... So, no point.

You may want to be fashion forward, but just be careful of what you choose... :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The wedding preparation...

Suraya. One of the identified Flower Girls for reception. My mum was trying the flower thingy she bought during her recent trip to Indonesia. I settled for a total of 6 girls. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings (especially the mums) but I don't want to be broke before my marriage starts too :)

Checking out flowers for Zukry's hantaran. Can you see me in all those beautiful flowers? It's hard to shop here (even with Kaklong), but given the limited time and not-so-helpful-but supportive-fiance presence; we made it in less than 2 hours! :)

The chosen lace for Majlis Bertandang. Nice kan? Reason behind the color, hiding the unnecessary things. Haha! But most definitely because it's a rich color and NOT boring; plus we LOVE it!

That's a blurry picture of the ever sweet (maybe because of the darah manis) bride-to-be... I love doing this. Preparing for my wedding with Zukry. Miss him so badly already.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where am I?

Chandler :    Who walks in a room and asks to see a person's hand?
Phoebe    :    Well, a palm reader, a manicurist, a hand doctor.....
Joey      :    Glove Salesman...
Phoebe    :    Good one!

You can bet you a** I'm in Miri again. Sigh...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A lot in 1 entry.

Things to do:

(1) Meet Yati the Wedding Planner (Again) and dictate what I want :)
(2) Call kad kahwin guy, make appointement and tempah a gazzilion cards for Friends and families. URGENT!
(3) Reception dress for Bertandang. Buy material, send to Peggy?
(4) Meet people, hang out. jangan tension2.


OK, moving on... I created these from a website just to seee the color of my choice somehow matches with everything. This is sort of scrapbooking but without a book. Hehehe... Best kan? :)

Now that you guys know what color I'm going to wear, please don't sabotage the ceremony by wearing the same color dresses ye. Mekaseh. I mean this! :P

Ok, below are the most awaited videos! I have already downloaded the dance video on youtube and it's gonna be there for a week only. Please, please, please bersabar loading the videos because they are long especially the second but most important one. Hehehe...

(1) Champion dancing to Katy Perry's Hot & Cold
(2) Last year Champion bootyshaking to Beyonce's Single Ladies
(3) The cute Soraya with her mother (MakTeh) singing ABBA's Dancing Queen.

So, enjoy these people. I miss everyone! Seriously looking forward for Saturday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Due Comments to Comments Made

Apis, asyik takdapat nak upload the video. Believe me; I've tried so many times... I ni tak terer computer sangat, I'm sure I miss something... Hehe. Baby, get the video to Apis. But since we were not the champion; you best tengok the champion punya moves! Hehehe...

Whitelighter, Selamat mempersiapkan diri jugak ;) jemput datang majlis I di KL.

Hey there Shady Shades, I emailed but no reply yet so far. I hope you get it though, I sent to your yahoo account. If you never receive any; let me know. I have to update my address book then. Anyway, yes; please mark your calendar. Zukry and I are getting married. Whee! :) hehehe... 13 June is the reception insyaAllah. Pass this news around to MRSM peeps kay. Cards will be sent out soon. Baru nak tempah next week :0!

Wahai Naim, Di manakah Atiqah Songket? We need more for other ceremony jugak kot. Ntahlah, taksure. Tapi yang penting; nikah punya InsyaAllah dah settle. 1 down, and many more to go...

Wani, Selamat dating ke blog Harteeny in 2009! Hehehe... kaya jugak dapat beli broadband sekarang eh? I sendiri taksempat lagi nak membeli wireless. Later when I move to a new house lah insyaAllah... How you've been? Minggu depan, you'll be in Melaka je eh? Can jumpa2 meh? I'll be in KL until 15.

The Greatest Ship of All

Friend-Ship :)

I was talking with Visu about it today. Visu and I didn't share the weekend together but we went to watch The Pink Panther II on Friday night, had a plate of lasagne and the best coffee afterwards at Coffee Bean. Anyway, while we were on this topic today (over Chapati, yum!), I was reminded of failed friendship I have encountered my 26 years living. Of course, when it has failed; it was just a bad thing/feeling/stressful/simply negative vibe all over but the real question was WHY it has failed in the first place?

Really, I couldn't remember the exact reason. I remember two (2) different failures which I am not going to state with who. But really, the reason was really vague or it was simply stupid/silly... I don't want to regret it, but I am pretty sure, if I was a little bit wiser + a little less pride/egoistic + simply have this I-don't-care attitude; these two very good friends will still be contacting me until now... When I think about it, I was then a very proud and sensitive person at the same time. I would be stressing about it non-stop, crying without a reason and still be hard-headed; just didn't want to deal with the person or the distance already created. Weird but so true!

So, the very friends I have now; please know that you're treasured. Really, no kidding. If I was still in MRSM now, I'd be writing this down in my journal and nobody gets to read it. But with this blogging world technology brought us, I'm confessing here that I treasured all of my friends especially the closest ones (you know who you are :P)

I can't wait to go back to KL this Saturday. My flight would be really early in the morning, so I get to start my day in KL really early. ETA at about 8.40 AM... Tak sabarnya! BTW, my cousin; Nadia is performing at The Apartment, KLCC this Saturday night with her group Luscious. Anyone interested to go, please let me know because I want to go too... Zukry?

Oh, the birthday present I got from Zukry. The digital camera... It was the PENTAX Optio M60 like the pictures I GOOGLE-d below. I have no photography skill like everyone is acquiring nowadays, so really; my pictures were same-old2. Hehehe... Despite the little merajuk2 I am having now, (it started 30 minutes ago when he already bought his ticket to go back to KL this July, while I was bragging about; I-have-a-meeting-in-Singapore-that-time-so-I-don't-have-to-buy-one); he is just the GREATEST :) Wait for me at Arrival Hall, KLIA ah this Saturday?