Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today is going to be a fine day!

Hey everyone, it is not raining today in Miri! Oh my God, this is such a fine day. It's no longer wet and cold like Forks; oh how I miss Edward Cullen! I haven't get to have the 3 other books! Anyone care to buy for me? No? Hehe... I'm at Coffee Bean with Sree and Visu enjoying coffee and bitching about people. One very specific person; only one, so I think this sorts of reducing the "dosa". (Istighfar) Mak and Baby are now at Jakarta, and their agenda today is shopping. I'm trying to forget that but I couldn't. I hope they know what I want.

This week, work wise seriously suck! The suck-ness of it; hadoih! I can't even hold my patience towards everyone. The emotions were just so obvious; people were already thinking "don't bother Teeny. She's occupied with annoyance" Hehe. Close friends and wedding preparations were the only things that were/are keeping me sane these days. I'm overwhelmed with lectures + cynical remarks + boastful people + "I'm much better than you" attitude! Please, go straight to HELL. Don't bother stop and live on earth. Ooops, sorry! :P Terover!

I'm still at Coffee Bean with Sree and Visu. Talked about everything! It's so easy to slip and think that you don't have any friends... Well, life goes on. I'm going to Penang next week! And I'm going Labuan too, during the weekend. I bought the Scratch and Go ticket in Jan, and I have to use it before it expires, next week seems to be the best date :) Then, I'm off for a week of Wedding Preparation!


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