Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sampin, Oh Sampin

A sampin is the price of my whole baju nikah! How super expensive has sampin become? I blame this all to the politician who has somewhat commercialized this. Enough with the duit hantaran, to buy own sampin is like half of my earnings! No wonder the gentlemen think a gazzzzzillion times before they get married. Hihi

I was in Pasar Payang today. so, with Mizi's help; i bought Zukry's sampin there. I think he will be satisfied with my choice. Not sure about my Mum and aunts though... But anyway, bought it; so we have to live with it, I'm sure I have great taste :) I want to show it, but taklehlah. Kena datang kenduri baru tahu. Hehehe...

I can't wait to go back next Saturday. People is making me nervous bombarding me wedding preparation questions... Yikes! Takbuat ape lagi. sabar ye, akan balik seminggu utk bersiap2. Tunggu...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, its so expensive. Check out Atik4h Songket, sangat2 cantik kain2 nya :) Bought Haniff's there.

Anyway, have fun preparing the wedding and happy hols :)