Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not sure what I'm doing...

What do i write in my appraisal? Em... I have to think long and hard for this. I'm definitely better than my first year of working. That is a certain, at least to me it is. Hehe...

Without the light in my room, sudah rosak and takdapat nak baiki sendiri (what kind of an engineer am I? haha!), I am now residing downstair in front of the TV. I was supposed to have this "Think long and hard" session but ended up typing stuffs in my blog. I'm just so easy to be distracted. Give me a cup of good coffee to top this writing blog thing, i'd say yes to coffee :P

I want to share with everyone the camera and the pictures i've captured during my second trip to Labuan. Tetapi, kemalasan utk amek kamera kat atas melanda. Haha. Sila mintak Zukry post because he has all the pictures already. Hihi.

Oklah, enough merepek. toodles.

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