Sunday, February 22, 2009

I travel with a smile

Hi. Appraisal is ready and submitted. I experienced the longest 2 days of 2009 to date. That is the procrastinator that I am and will always strive NOT to be. Hehehe... I have start the last week on Feb 09 travelling to Bintulu. I'm now staying for a night at New World Suite. It's em... pretty impressive for its price, I must say. I have a short presentation to make tomorrow at our crude oil terminal here. Wish me luck for that! J I don't know, but I'm not truly nervous about this. Or maybe, not YET! I have been excused from wearing the coverall since I'll continue travelling again tomorrow at noon so it will be a bit cumbersome since it's pretty heavy with the safety shoe and what not.

My journey does not end in BTU. I have to then proceed to Paka, Terengganu. The thought of finally getting to attend skill group training, made me go Yeay!!! But the distance, the routes is somewhat melemahkan semangat sket. But I'll sacrifice this time! At noon tomorrow, my route will be BTU-KCH-KUL-TGG! That means 3 different flights tau. I hope I have the strength. Let's pray for that. I'm just excited to be out of office for a training... it's been so long.

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