Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today is the last day of February

Time passed really fast. It's already the end of February! and I thought i just celebrated my birthday... :) Anyway, i'm now no longer in a dark room with a non-functional light. The house owner came by today and fixed it. Yay! I was with KakLaila and her children today at the park of KRP. Berfoya2 with my yummy brownies and teh tarik resipe Visu. Hehehe...

Oh, I have finished New Moon. Yeap, just finished reading it from all the waiting from a lot of travelling last week. Best ah, tapi kat KLIA; takde pulak the 3rd and 4th book. So terpaksa tunggu lagi. Takpe sket je lagi! Hopefully next week will pass quickly. No more office drama please. I'm tired of being stressed about handling stress itself. Work no problem, people - a lot of problem :P Hish...

reading this, you'll know my life is somewhat tak organize because ntah hape2 yang keluar from my mind.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sampin, Oh Sampin

A sampin is the price of my whole baju nikah! How super expensive has sampin become? I blame this all to the politician who has somewhat commercialized this. Enough with the duit hantaran, to buy own sampin is like half of my earnings! No wonder the gentlemen think a gazzzzzillion times before they get married. Hihi

I was in Pasar Payang today. so, with Mizi's help; i bought Zukry's sampin there. I think he will be satisfied with my choice. Not sure about my Mum and aunts though... But anyway, bought it; so we have to live with it, I'm sure I have great taste :) I want to show it, but taklehlah. Kena datang kenduri baru tahu. Hehehe...

I can't wait to go back next Saturday. People is making me nervous bombarding me wedding preparation questions... Yikes! Takbuat ape lagi. sabar ye, akan balik seminggu utk bersiap2. Tunggu...

Monday, February 23, 2009

In KCH with the almost die laptop. Hope to survive KLIA without laptop. Hehehe...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I travel with a smile

Hi. Appraisal is ready and submitted. I experienced the longest 2 days of 2009 to date. That is the procrastinator that I am and will always strive NOT to be. Hehehe... I have start the last week on Feb 09 travelling to Bintulu. I'm now staying for a night at New World Suite. It's em... pretty impressive for its price, I must say. I have a short presentation to make tomorrow at our crude oil terminal here. Wish me luck for that! J I don't know, but I'm not truly nervous about this. Or maybe, not YET! I have been excused from wearing the coverall since I'll continue travelling again tomorrow at noon so it will be a bit cumbersome since it's pretty heavy with the safety shoe and what not.

My journey does not end in BTU. I have to then proceed to Paka, Terengganu. The thought of finally getting to attend skill group training, made me go Yeay!!! But the distance, the routes is somewhat melemahkan semangat sket. But I'll sacrifice this time! At noon tomorrow, my route will be BTU-KCH-KUL-TGG! That means 3 different flights tau. I hope I have the strength. Let's pray for that. I'm just excited to be out of office for a training... it's been so long.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not sure what I'm doing...

What do i write in my appraisal? Em... I have to think long and hard for this. I'm definitely better than my first year of working. That is a certain, at least to me it is. Hehe...

Without the light in my room, sudah rosak and takdapat nak baiki sendiri (what kind of an engineer am I? haha!), I am now residing downstair in front of the TV. I was supposed to have this "Think long and hard" session but ended up typing stuffs in my blog. I'm just so easy to be distracted. Give me a cup of good coffee to top this writing blog thing, i'd say yes to coffee :P

I want to share with everyone the camera and the pictures i've captured during my second trip to Labuan. Tetapi, kemalasan utk amek kamera kat atas melanda. Haha. Sila mintak Zukry post because he has all the pictures already. Hihi.

Oklah, enough merepek. toodles.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today is going to be a fine day!

Hey everyone, it is not raining today in Miri! Oh my God, this is such a fine day. It's no longer wet and cold like Forks; oh how I miss Edward Cullen! I haven't get to have the 3 other books! Anyone care to buy for me? No? Hehe... I'm at Coffee Bean with Sree and Visu enjoying coffee and bitching about people. One very specific person; only one, so I think this sorts of reducing the "dosa". (Istighfar) Mak and Baby are now at Jakarta, and their agenda today is shopping. I'm trying to forget that but I couldn't. I hope they know what I want.

This week, work wise seriously suck! The suck-ness of it; hadoih! I can't even hold my patience towards everyone. The emotions were just so obvious; people were already thinking "don't bother Teeny. She's occupied with annoyance" Hehe. Close friends and wedding preparations were the only things that were/are keeping me sane these days. I'm overwhelmed with lectures + cynical remarks + boastful people + "I'm much better than you" attitude! Please, go straight to HELL. Don't bother stop and live on earth. Ooops, sorry! :P Terover!

I'm still at Coffee Bean with Sree and Visu. Talked about everything! It's so easy to slip and think that you don't have any friends... Well, life goes on. I'm going to Penang next week! And I'm going Labuan too, during the weekend. I bought the Scratch and Go ticket in Jan, and I have to use it before it expires, next week seems to be the best date :) Then, I'm off for a week of Wedding Preparation!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

I realize my Family Day 2009 entry was without the video. I don't know what's wrong. Probably because it's too long. But accroding to the details, the size of the video is still within the range. Hmmm... Taktaulah.

Thanks to who dropped in to give comments on my recent craze of Edward Cullen. Now that Zukry is here, the Edward Cullen fever is somehow less than before. Even though I haven't had the chance to read the 3 remaining books, I already know the ending. Hehehe...

OKlah, i'll write again soon.