Saturday, January 31, 2009

Landslide in Miri, A Belated Birthday Celebration, A Proposal and Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan Part I

Today is the first day of Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan at our office auditorium :) It was OK. I mean, I was not sleepy or anything like that. In fact, it is rather interesting. It's been quite a while since I attended any lecture; so it reminds of my university years somehow :)

The ustazs were cool. The first one was a little bit contemporary, the second one is a little bit ustaz-ish but I like to listen to his experiences and what not but the last one, despite the heavy topic [Pembubaran Perkahwinan] and the last (evening) session of the day; but with his clear voice and the depth of the knowledge of the topic added up with real life weird incidences that has occured in Miri, I find his session the best one, today.

It's been raining everyday since I arrived from CNY holidays. Heavy rain, cats and dogs - non-stop! There was a landslide yesterday nearby the city itself, rumah tepi jalan ranap... Kesian kat diorang... We (Visu, Sree and me) passed the area for lunch, when we came back an hour later, the area was a chaos with police, bomba, people were just crowding the place! The rain is making everything so gloomy.

With the gloomy weather, I hope Zukry is enjoying his stay. This time he stayed at a different budget hotel which he thought is so much better that the last one despite the same rate. At least that's a start. Hehe..

The belated birthday calebration : Yesterday after he checked in; we had dinner at Lalapan. He was so frustrated that his last visit, the restaurant was closed. After a lot of "mane hadiah saya?", we singgah at Secret's Recipe to have a belated birthday cake but never got one because all were finished. Well, not all; but yang tinggal only the basic cheese cake. Not quite for my liking last night. We ended up having coffee and he gave me my birthday present!!!

I got my camera. My own camera. I'll show it to you, soon. Probably in next two weeks once my schedule is little bit free. Pending and procrastinating!!! Bahaya! MY CAMERA. It's not the huge camera that people are craving for these day but a digital camera definitely. Yay! Thank you, Zukry! :)

Oh, the proposal... This was a little bit lame of us. Lame of me actually because I asked him to be as creative as he could to have him proposed to me, The Will-you-Marry-Me thingy. And Zukry, always fulfill my wish to whichever level that he could did this yesterday when I was jakun with my camera... First he asked if I have a pen. I always have a pen with me. Hartini's bag was never light and small... :P Then he gave me 3 envelopes that was TO : Me and 1 envelope addressed TO : ZUKRY. The three envelopes were the proposal and the last one should be my answer. I was supposed in writing and give the last envelope back to him... Extreme Poyoness, I know!

We all know that Hartini and Zukry is getting married in June, so the answer is a definite YES - lah. So, I think people in general can see the difference in me with/without Zukry in Miri.

OKlah, korang nak muntah dah agaknya. It's alright. I'm off... Getting ready for dinner. Toodles!


Zulaikha said...

I already bought your birthday present, mak bayar. The present is hilarious! Come and get it now now now.

Harteeny said...

Ika, Akak balik bulan 3. How lah to get it Now, now, now!!! :)

Ini membuatkan akak taksabar nak balik KL lagi! :P

Zulaikha said...

Now, now, now or else.

whitelighter said...

huhuhu tini.. sama lah kita kawen.. my majlis is on 29 may... takuuuuuuuttt

Shady said...

i didnt know ure getting married in June! hehe.. selamat mempreparekan diri teeny! =)