Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just realized I didn't post I want a sewing machine in my birthday wish. Kan? I posted that one in an email to my family. So, yeah... Anyway, I went to sewing classes after SPM in 2001 but I didn't actually finish. I stopped because... well, University called kot. I forgot. There were 4 types of blouse, baju kurung, baju kurung kedah and baju kebarung with kain of course yang sempat I belajar... Not bad lah kan? It's just that I never get to practise it. I wore a self-made baju kurung putih for my orientation in UTM though. Kira BERJAYA la!

Among 2009 resolution was to bring back this sewing mania lah... I love it. I have the time in Miri. So why not? Oh, i know why... it is because my "Raleigh" sewing machine is at home. I throw the box out already so I wouldn't know how to wrap it and bring to Miri. Plus it's a great reason why you should buy me a new SINGER sewing machine (It's just my preference and kat Miri ada kedai SINGER. Hehehe...)

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