Saturday, January 10, 2009

Homemaker, Who? Me?


It has been a week of settling down in Miri. I was way off this 5 days working. I hope my boss or his assistant won't read this, but if you do well... at least I'm telling the truth and you caught me! Hehe... It is pouring rain outside. Super heavy rain! I was planning (read this, planning) to go out for an-hour swimming at KRP but well, it's raining. So it's a perfect reason to stay inside, enjoy a cup of hot not-so-great coffee (I miss caramel latte) and blog.

I grabbed my "500 cupcakes and muffins" recipe booked which I bought in Dec 2007 and started browsing for sinfully delicious recipe that would cause me a day of healthy shakes only (which I have never successfully done!) and to my surprise there are quite a lot of flour-less, egg-less, dairy-less, lalala – less recipes for people who are watching their weight. (Like ehem..., yours truly. Watching je... Haha!)

This brings me to the thought of my little cheapo oven in the kitchen... (The kitchen is out of light since recently... Uncle, please change the light... and in the living room too, please. We are living in the dark here, Uncle. Please help. ) I want a microwave oven just like the one at home. (Home is always the one at Ampang ye. House is in Miri) So, anyone who is really generous; who don't know what to do with their load of money, please take note. The birthday is in 4 days, wedding gift pun boleh... Wahahaha. We got registry system in Malaysia, meh? I want to register!

Let's see why i need this microwave oven:

  1. To bake more chocolate chip cookies
  2. To bake more super moist carrot cupcakes with cheese cream topping
  3. To bake more super moist chocolate cupcakes. Yum!
  4. To bake brownies (provided I found shops that sell walnut. Tak jumpa2 lagi!)
  5. I can easily heat lauk malam tadi. Haha! Or lauk yang dah sejuk from cafe. Big grin :D
  6. I can easily steam fish/veggies. No fuss. Towards healthy living. If atas dapur, al-Malas.
  7. Grilled chicken and salmon (I love salmon!) I finished 2 salmon cut at home last two weeks. Mak, ada lagi 1 je dalam freezer. The other 1, akak sangat tamak; termasak jugak, tapi bagi Mizan. Hehehe...
  8. To try more baking/grilling/steaming recipes before kahwin. Zukry tak kesah sangat. Kan? [Pekerja terlebih rajin, he's at the office now]
  9. It's super chic gadget. A must in every career lady kitchen. Haha!
  10. I just want one!

So, on top of the sewing machine, I want a microwave oven. Support me on becoming the uber-chic homemaker! Wahaha! J

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