Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Goodbye KL

Today is the LEAST favourite day of my 2 weeks holiday in KL. This is the day when I have to pack and go back to the land where I earn my money. Hehehe... No family whatsoever but my rezeki is there. Again for like the millionth times, I'm having the I-don't-want-to-go-back syndrome. A syndrome that has never fail to come each time I have to leave home (Well, except once kot; when I leave home for Geneva. Bilakah it's coming again? Hmmmm....)

Anyway, i'm here writing and feeling "why lah i have to work so far away from my family?"... "why lah I always has to be off the ampang house to achieve something that oranglain can achieve here around KL sahaja"... Why lah... So bad of me!

Great news about the coming of a new year. I'm celebrating 2009 with going nearly backrupt. Yes people, YES has not been helping this girl. I have to go out and buy things. The funny thing is I'd like to think that the money spent were all for other people. Tak bagus kan? Mulalah rasa macam "aku dah belanja semua orang" so aku memang best. Padahal ape sangatlah yang dibelanjakan tu.

Anyway, KakLong, KakNgah, Ika... Happy Birthday! I know it's not much I hope you like my gifts. KakNgah, the shoe was worn only twice for less than an hour each time, Please consider it's new :) Plus it's Lewre. KakLong and Ika, I hope you enjoy the Twilight Saga. Ika, please let me know if Bella is forever a vampire or not. Mekaseh :) Before you all forget, my birthday is only 11 days more. Here are some of the things I wish this year:

materials dulu ye. yang not-materials tu kena extra pikir...

1. Camera for daily used. Compact (takyah extra nipis pun takpe) bukan yang besar gabak everyone is crazy about these days...

2. Package for monthly facial treatment. of maybe Package for twice in a month facial treatment to get the best complexion for the Big day. I know i don't have the best but it can be save people. So pleaselah... belikan. Huhu! Kat Miri ada Dermalogica. any takers???

3. Flight tickets.
(a) To go back to KL in February for our little trip to Jakarta. Thank you Bapak for the CNY holiday ticket. I owe you so much, and I have to start paying with materials not just Kasih sayang yang berbahagi-bahagi aje kan? But i know, you don't mind because you're the greatest! :)
(b) To go back to KL whenever.

Sape2 yang nak beli yang lain selain ini, dialu2kan... No problemo :)

4. Buku cerita pun OK gak since I'm trying to bring back this habit back. Chic Lit preferably.

5. Magazine subsription ke (Prefers: CLEO, Cosmo, Eh!)

6. Dan lain-lain

Movies watched during the holidays : BOLT (with Ika), Bedtime Stories & YES MAN (with Zukry). YES MAN, is definitely the movie to end you 2008 with. It motivates me somehow. We both agree that we should do more spontaneous thing like the Niah trip last month. Hmmm... best gak tu. When you say YES to something, you are committing to it and have to be responsible to whatever it is. Definitely going to buy the DVD!

Must start writing more in journal. Must! I really do enjoy writing but stopped since em, i get myself that someone. It's just easier to talk than write. Tu yang bill tak hengat punya zaman2 mahal dulu. So, must start writing!

Oklah, ramblings here does not help with packing things. It eases the Don't-want-to-go-back syndrome but it doesn't help with the packing! so toodles Kl, we'll see each other insyaAllah during CNY or earlier! :)

Happy 2009 friends and families. Hope this year brings a lot more wonderful things. Ayus dear, I'm sorry.. I just notice the comment. Calling2 lah...


aPis XD said...

Haha..Kak Tini ask a copy from myra a.k.a baby..It is Beyonce I'm Shasha Fierce

m hafiz said...

happy new yr 2009. may ur dreams blossom in this yr n make u happy in many ways -----<@