Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family Day 2009

Hello! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. I just came back from a very tiring but great long weekend spent with my family. We had our Family Day last weekend! The most exciting thing is definitely the Sehati Berdansa competition. Like I've posted before, the song chosen this time is Beyonce's Single Ladies. See the video to watch me attempt to dance like her.

Wahai sekalian famili yang membaca, on my defense (Baby takyah defend lah, sebab dia dah mahir joget2; practise kat UNITEN kot. Huehue...); we didn't have time to practice properly like we did last year. I arrived at 2PM, abg picked me up then head on to PD immediately where the Poco-Poco and telematch already started. By the time volleyball finished and we were done with makan2 tepi pantai, then only me and Baby were in front of our laptop (BAWAK LAPTOP nih!) and the big mirror to practise the steps! When i was on the stage, I was like "Ikut ajelah Baby joget... redha!" This year, the crowd judges the competition, and there were no extra (sympathy) mark for the distance me and Baby faced. Hihi... thus, kekalahan... :) It was just too much fun dancing around and receiving cenderahati and what not - tak kesahlah kalah ke hape! Yang penting, I was dancing to "Single Ladies" tau!

Oh, we won Juara Karaoke (Kategori Duet) singing ABBA's "Chiquitita"... Baby off key 2-3 kali, tapi kami tetap juara. Huhu! So we got each a blanket and tuala mandi. Whhheee!!! :) I also have the video of us singing, but it's taking a lot of my time to just upload the video into this post, i just can't wait any longer...

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