Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Birthday Entry

Happy Birthday to me!

That's right, I turned 26 last Wednesday. My god, I feel so "old" – really! Past 25, was a real goodbye to teen years! Adulthood is scary... Anyway, I was away in KL on 12-14 for a meeting so I get to have a birthday dinner with Mak, Bapak and Mizan at TGIF, Pavilion & a birthday lunch at Dome with Mak. The Caesar salad was really yumm-eh! I also received about 20 birthday SMSes. Thanks everyone! A birthday email were spread into my whole department too, thanks to Jeng-jeng.

Someone important surprisingly forgot about this 14 Jan until I mentioned "Itu je?" like a million times before ending our usual morning call. So, it was a huge drama and 2 nights of tears until last night [My eyes were swollen but I had them covered in smoky eyes. Thanks to black eyeliner and eye shadows]. That was typical me being so emotional and just, so fragile. Well, a promise to re-celebrate and a lot of "I'm sorry" sealed off the drama. Hehehe... I'm still waiting for a birthday present despite the "I don't want your hadiah" yells I made. I know you know this already... You have about 2 weeks to prepare so better starts now...

About all the birthday wishes I made in my previous entry, I was all out searching for Twilight saga books the moment I reached KLIA; I just want these books for my birthday! First stop was the book shop in the departure/arrival hall! That was how desperate I want to know about Bella turning into a vampire or not. Hehehe... [I know she's a vamp, just came back from checking out] Kinokuniya, KLCC – Sold out! Times, Pavilion – Sold out! MPH BB Plaza – Sold Out! Is this really the truth or the publisher asked to keep the book/jangan jual lagi kinda-thing? I want my very own copies of Book #2, 3 and 4 just like I bought Harry Potters; except for #5/6 when Bapak bought a copy in Thailand. We have 2 copies of #7! So, there; I want the 3 books for my birthday too. I wouldn't mind paying for them, just let me know which bookstore still have them... I'm that crazy about Edward + Bella, I'm sorry. Haha!

Next trip to KL is in a week time where our Family Day will take place. That means I have only a week to really study the steps for the "Sehati Berdansa". Baby and Me are going against a group of <12 years old girls! Adil ke pertandingan ini, urusetia? I have to get ready to lose... Takut extra kecewa... ;) [Bella is engaged to Edward? For real, God bestnya!!! – i'm still on]

Well, anyway – to end my entry, my birthday was a real biasa-biasa one. I wish to meet Zukry for my birthday too, but oh-well. We've registered to attend a kursus together in Miri. Kursus ape? Kursus persediaan... hehe. To my surprise, our YPC arranged this kursus for free inclusive of meals lagi. Bought his ticket, registered... Attend lah. So, kursus Pra-Perkahwinan – checked!



Zulaikha said...

Happy Birthday Entry...!
I'm buying you a...cookie?

Harteeny said...


Buy me Edward Cullen?

Zulaikha said...

Edward tak wujud lah.
I draw a smiley face on the cookie lah so it 'reminds' you of Edward.

Tokey kedai said...

HAppy Birthday Teeny~

From Tokei Kedai

Babe and Nadia:)

Harteeny said...

Babe and Nadia, Thanks for the wish. Any gift from UK? Hehehe.. A DP top perhaps? :P

theQueen said...

Eyt. Happy birthday!