Saturday, January 31, 2009

Landslide in Miri, A Belated Birthday Celebration, A Proposal and Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan Part I

Today is the first day of Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan at our office auditorium :) It was OK. I mean, I was not sleepy or anything like that. In fact, it is rather interesting. It's been quite a while since I attended any lecture; so it reminds of my university years somehow :)

The ustazs were cool. The first one was a little bit contemporary, the second one is a little bit ustaz-ish but I like to listen to his experiences and what not but the last one, despite the heavy topic [Pembubaran Perkahwinan] and the last (evening) session of the day; but with his clear voice and the depth of the knowledge of the topic added up with real life weird incidences that has occured in Miri, I find his session the best one, today.

It's been raining everyday since I arrived from CNY holidays. Heavy rain, cats and dogs - non-stop! There was a landslide yesterday nearby the city itself, rumah tepi jalan ranap... Kesian kat diorang... We (Visu, Sree and me) passed the area for lunch, when we came back an hour later, the area was a chaos with police, bomba, people were just crowding the place! The rain is making everything so gloomy.

With the gloomy weather, I hope Zukry is enjoying his stay. This time he stayed at a different budget hotel which he thought is so much better that the last one despite the same rate. At least that's a start. Hehe..

The belated birthday calebration : Yesterday after he checked in; we had dinner at Lalapan. He was so frustrated that his last visit, the restaurant was closed. After a lot of "mane hadiah saya?", we singgah at Secret's Recipe to have a belated birthday cake but never got one because all were finished. Well, not all; but yang tinggal only the basic cheese cake. Not quite for my liking last night. We ended up having coffee and he gave me my birthday present!!!

I got my camera. My own camera. I'll show it to you, soon. Probably in next two weeks once my schedule is little bit free. Pending and procrastinating!!! Bahaya! MY CAMERA. It's not the huge camera that people are craving for these day but a digital camera definitely. Yay! Thank you, Zukry! :)

Oh, the proposal... This was a little bit lame of us. Lame of me actually because I asked him to be as creative as he could to have him proposed to me, The Will-you-Marry-Me thingy. And Zukry, always fulfill my wish to whichever level that he could did this yesterday when I was jakun with my camera... First he asked if I have a pen. I always have a pen with me. Hartini's bag was never light and small... :P Then he gave me 3 envelopes that was TO : Me and 1 envelope addressed TO : ZUKRY. The three envelopes were the proposal and the last one should be my answer. I was supposed in writing and give the last envelope back to him... Extreme Poyoness, I know!

We all know that Hartini and Zukry is getting married in June, so the answer is a definite YES - lah. So, I think people in general can see the difference in me with/without Zukry in Miri.

OKlah, korang nak muntah dah agaknya. It's alright. I'm off... Getting ready for dinner. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family Day 2009

Hello! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. I just came back from a very tiring but great long weekend spent with my family. We had our Family Day last weekend! The most exciting thing is definitely the Sehati Berdansa competition. Like I've posted before, the song chosen this time is Beyonce's Single Ladies. See the video to watch me attempt to dance like her.

Wahai sekalian famili yang membaca, on my defense (Baby takyah defend lah, sebab dia dah mahir joget2; practise kat UNITEN kot. Huehue...); we didn't have time to practice properly like we did last year. I arrived at 2PM, abg picked me up then head on to PD immediately where the Poco-Poco and telematch already started. By the time volleyball finished and we were done with makan2 tepi pantai, then only me and Baby were in front of our laptop (BAWAK LAPTOP nih!) and the big mirror to practise the steps! When i was on the stage, I was like "Ikut ajelah Baby joget... redha!" This year, the crowd judges the competition, and there were no extra (sympathy) mark for the distance me and Baby faced. Hihi... thus, kekalahan... :) It was just too much fun dancing around and receiving cenderahati and what not - tak kesahlah kalah ke hape! Yang penting, I was dancing to "Single Ladies" tau!

Oh, we won Juara Karaoke (Kategori Duet) singing ABBA's "Chiquitita"... Baby off key 2-3 kali, tapi kami tetap juara. Huhu! So we got each a blanket and tuala mandi. Whhheee!!! :) I also have the video of us singing, but it's taking a lot of my time to just upload the video into this post, i just can't wait any longer...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I don’t like it cold and wet

Quoting Bella from Twilight, "I don't really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing, I don't really..."

Miri is like Forks in a way nowadays. Of course, there is NO Cullens here. (There might be a family of the same kind, who knows! Hehehe... But I still want Edward) It is raining almost every day in Miri. It has been really cold and it is like winter in the office. It is just so damn cold! Everyone is covered from head to toe, some have their socks on. Even sweater/pashminas is part of our office attire. Sigh...

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Birthday Entry

Happy Birthday to me!

That's right, I turned 26 last Wednesday. My god, I feel so "old" – really! Past 25, was a real goodbye to teen years! Adulthood is scary... Anyway, I was away in KL on 12-14 for a meeting so I get to have a birthday dinner with Mak, Bapak and Mizan at TGIF, Pavilion & a birthday lunch at Dome with Mak. The Caesar salad was really yumm-eh! I also received about 20 birthday SMSes. Thanks everyone! A birthday email were spread into my whole department too, thanks to Jeng-jeng.

Someone important surprisingly forgot about this 14 Jan until I mentioned "Itu je?" like a million times before ending our usual morning call. So, it was a huge drama and 2 nights of tears until last night [My eyes were swollen but I had them covered in smoky eyes. Thanks to black eyeliner and eye shadows]. That was typical me being so emotional and just, so fragile. Well, a promise to re-celebrate and a lot of "I'm sorry" sealed off the drama. Hehehe... I'm still waiting for a birthday present despite the "I don't want your hadiah" yells I made. I know you know this already... You have about 2 weeks to prepare so better starts now...

About all the birthday wishes I made in my previous entry, I was all out searching for Twilight saga books the moment I reached KLIA; I just want these books for my birthday! First stop was the book shop in the departure/arrival hall! That was how desperate I want to know about Bella turning into a vampire or not. Hehehe... [I know she's a vamp, just came back from checking out] Kinokuniya, KLCC – Sold out! Times, Pavilion – Sold out! MPH BB Plaza – Sold Out! Is this really the truth or the publisher asked to keep the book/jangan jual lagi kinda-thing? I want my very own copies of Book #2, 3 and 4 just like I bought Harry Potters; except for #5/6 when Bapak bought a copy in Thailand. We have 2 copies of #7! So, there; I want the 3 books for my birthday too. I wouldn't mind paying for them, just let me know which bookstore still have them... I'm that crazy about Edward + Bella, I'm sorry. Haha!

Next trip to KL is in a week time where our Family Day will take place. That means I have only a week to really study the steps for the "Sehati Berdansa". Baby and Me are going against a group of <12 years old girls! Adil ke pertandingan ini, urusetia? I have to get ready to lose... Takut extra kecewa... ;) [Bella is engaged to Edward? For real, God bestnya!!! – i'm still on]

Well, anyway – to end my entry, my birthday was a real biasa-biasa one. I wish to meet Zukry for my birthday too, but oh-well. We've registered to attend a kursus together in Miri. Kursus ape? Kursus persediaan... hehe. To my surprise, our YPC arranged this kursus for free inclusive of meals lagi. Bought his ticket, registered... Attend lah. So, kursus Pra-Perkahwinan – checked!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saya demam

Demam Edward Cullen tak abis lagi. Sedang menonton filemnya using CetRom... The trailer is so much clearer. So much! Duh! It is the CetRom. The last picture is the quality of the movie that I was watching... My God, I can't help myself. Edward Cullen is my own personal brand of heroine... Hihihi. "You are my life now..."

Actually I have just finished reading Twilight. I was at Popular today, after the heavy rain, to buy New Moon but apparently all Stephanie Meyer novels were sold out. I don't know for sure because they were packing to move so I supposed it's just easier to lie. I'll buy one when I get to KL. Anyway, I've learned so many other things about Edward and Bella who wants so much to be a vampire...

The introduction to the next book in Twilight is so tempting, that was why I have to buy it today. After learning that and Pesona Pengantin was sold out, I was so bummed out, takjadi grocery shopping! Hehehe...

Edward, datanglah jengok I kat Miri. Haha! :) You all must think I'm crazy. But whatever, I admit... I'm crazy about Edward Cullen.

I just realized I didn't post I want a sewing machine in my birthday wish. Kan? I posted that one in an email to my family. So, yeah... Anyway, I went to sewing classes after SPM in 2001 but I didn't actually finish. I stopped because... well, University called kot. I forgot. There were 4 types of blouse, baju kurung, baju kurung kedah and baju kebarung with kain of course yang sempat I belajar... Not bad lah kan? It's just that I never get to practise it. I wore a self-made baju kurung putih for my orientation in UTM though. Kira BERJAYA la!

Among 2009 resolution was to bring back this sewing mania lah... I love it. I have the time in Miri. So why not? Oh, i know why... it is because my "Raleigh" sewing machine is at home. I throw the box out already so I wouldn't know how to wrap it and bring to Miri. Plus it's a great reason why you should buy me a new SINGER sewing machine (It's just my preference and kat Miri ada kedai SINGER. Hehehe...)

Homemaker, Who? Me?


It has been a week of settling down in Miri. I was way off this 5 days working. I hope my boss or his assistant won't read this, but if you do well... at least I'm telling the truth and you caught me! Hehe... It is pouring rain outside. Super heavy rain! I was planning (read this, planning) to go out for an-hour swimming at KRP but well, it's raining. So it's a perfect reason to stay inside, enjoy a cup of hot not-so-great coffee (I miss caramel latte) and blog.

I grabbed my "500 cupcakes and muffins" recipe booked which I bought in Dec 2007 and started browsing for sinfully delicious recipe that would cause me a day of healthy shakes only (which I have never successfully done!) and to my surprise there are quite a lot of flour-less, egg-less, dairy-less, lalala – less recipes for people who are watching their weight. (Like ehem..., yours truly. Watching je... Haha!)

This brings me to the thought of my little cheapo oven in the kitchen... (The kitchen is out of light since recently... Uncle, please change the light... and in the living room too, please. We are living in the dark here, Uncle. Please help. ) I want a microwave oven just like the one at home. (Home is always the one at Ampang ye. House is in Miri) So, anyone who is really generous; who don't know what to do with their load of money, please take note. The birthday is in 4 days, wedding gift pun boleh... Wahahaha. We got registry system in Malaysia, meh? I want to register!

Let's see why i need this microwave oven:

  1. To bake more chocolate chip cookies
  2. To bake more super moist carrot cupcakes with cheese cream topping
  3. To bake more super moist chocolate cupcakes. Yum!
  4. To bake brownies (provided I found shops that sell walnut. Tak jumpa2 lagi!)
  5. I can easily heat lauk malam tadi. Haha! Or lauk yang dah sejuk from cafe. Big grin :D
  6. I can easily steam fish/veggies. No fuss. Towards healthy living. If atas dapur, al-Malas.
  7. Grilled chicken and salmon (I love salmon!) I finished 2 salmon cut at home last two weeks. Mak, ada lagi 1 je dalam freezer. The other 1, akak sangat tamak; termasak jugak, tapi bagi Mizan. Hehehe...
  8. To try more baking/grilling/steaming recipes before kahwin. Zukry tak kesah sangat. Kan? [Pekerja terlebih rajin, he's at the office now]
  9. It's super chic gadget. A must in every career lady kitchen. Haha!
  10. I just want one!

So, on top of the sewing machine, I want a microwave oven. Support me on becoming the uber-chic homemaker! Wahaha! J

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Goodbye KL

Today is the LEAST favourite day of my 2 weeks holiday in KL. This is the day when I have to pack and go back to the land where I earn my money. Hehehe... No family whatsoever but my rezeki is there. Again for like the millionth times, I'm having the I-don't-want-to-go-back syndrome. A syndrome that has never fail to come each time I have to leave home (Well, except once kot; when I leave home for Geneva. Bilakah it's coming again? Hmmmm....)

Anyway, i'm here writing and feeling "why lah i have to work so far away from my family?"... "why lah I always has to be off the ampang house to achieve something that oranglain can achieve here around KL sahaja"... Why lah... So bad of me!

Great news about the coming of a new year. I'm celebrating 2009 with going nearly backrupt. Yes people, YES has not been helping this girl. I have to go out and buy things. The funny thing is I'd like to think that the money spent were all for other people. Tak bagus kan? Mulalah rasa macam "aku dah belanja semua orang" so aku memang best. Padahal ape sangatlah yang dibelanjakan tu.

Anyway, KakLong, KakNgah, Ika... Happy Birthday! I know it's not much I hope you like my gifts. KakNgah, the shoe was worn only twice for less than an hour each time, Please consider it's new :) Plus it's Lewre. KakLong and Ika, I hope you enjoy the Twilight Saga. Ika, please let me know if Bella is forever a vampire or not. Mekaseh :) Before you all forget, my birthday is only 11 days more. Here are some of the things I wish this year:

materials dulu ye. yang not-materials tu kena extra pikir...

1. Camera for daily used. Compact (takyah extra nipis pun takpe) bukan yang besar gabak everyone is crazy about these days...

2. Package for monthly facial treatment. of maybe Package for twice in a month facial treatment to get the best complexion for the Big day. I know i don't have the best but it can be save people. So pleaselah... belikan. Huhu! Kat Miri ada Dermalogica. any takers???

3. Flight tickets.
(a) To go back to KL in February for our little trip to Jakarta. Thank you Bapak for the CNY holiday ticket. I owe you so much, and I have to start paying with materials not just Kasih sayang yang berbahagi-bahagi aje kan? But i know, you don't mind because you're the greatest! :)
(b) To go back to KL whenever.

Sape2 yang nak beli yang lain selain ini, dialu2kan... No problemo :)

4. Buku cerita pun OK gak since I'm trying to bring back this habit back. Chic Lit preferably.

5. Magazine subsription ke (Prefers: CLEO, Cosmo, Eh!)

6. Dan lain-lain

Movies watched during the holidays : BOLT (with Ika), Bedtime Stories & YES MAN (with Zukry). YES MAN, is definitely the movie to end you 2008 with. It motivates me somehow. We both agree that we should do more spontaneous thing like the Niah trip last month. Hmmm... best gak tu. When you say YES to something, you are committing to it and have to be responsible to whatever it is. Definitely going to buy the DVD!

Must start writing more in journal. Must! I really do enjoy writing but stopped since em, i get myself that someone. It's just easier to talk than write. Tu yang bill tak hengat punya zaman2 mahal dulu. So, must start writing!

Oklah, ramblings here does not help with packing things. It eases the Don't-want-to-go-back syndrome but it doesn't help with the packing! so toodles Kl, we'll see each other insyaAllah during CNY or earlier! :)

Happy 2009 friends and families. Hope this year brings a lot more wonderful things. Ayus dear, I'm sorry.. I just notice the comment. Calling2 lah...