Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I just cant stop yakking about this movie. I was browsing for footage just to see the beautiful Edward (Handsomenya!) and found a clip they made with "i dare you to move" by Switchfoot. I know what this movie remind me of... It's "A walk to remember". Mandy Moore dying, then that then handsome but bad guy (since Edward is still echoing non-stop in my head) fell in love with her. The guy sacrifice, just like Edward... best!!!

James - the villain in Twilight is that dude from The OC, the boyfriend of Marissa (the last one before she died in Season 3... Also a bad guy in that awesome series. I love that charming-rich-doky guy Seth Cohen.

Well, mari kita continue browsing youtube for more twilight. Toodles.

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