Saturday, December 20, 2008

I can't sleep! so...

The first thing i did when i reached home at about 2am just now, was to try out all the London stuffs Mak bought me. Unfortunately, the oxford brown shoe is a size too big, the black Clarks boot fits OK (a little loosey but it's ankle boot so it still holds my feet alright) so I'm definitely digging that one!

I have a long coat as requested. I'll explain the design in a picture soon. It'll surely welcome comments if I were to wear it to SKO office. Mind you, people don't dress up there. Anything weirdo - bersiap sedia to answer. Huhu.

The knitted top, 2 from dorothy perkins. I have the same design in blue and pale pink. Mum bought me in green and black. So two more tops to add in the i-don't-need-to-iron-my-tops, suitable for the not-so-rajin girl like me :) A grey wide neck top with loose sleeve and cuff is really cute on me (my 2ish am eyes judging so terima jelah) :P

I also received a fancy telekung from Jakarta (as requested via SMS) and lastly, a surprise of 4 metre gold lace fabric which is suitable for the most important event of 2009. Thanks Mak, you're really the GREATEST! and for that, pinjamkan lah MJ bag to me while I'm in semenanjung ni ye. Mekaseh... Esok, am going to Istana Budaya to enjoy Mamma Mia! Weeeeehhhhooooo!

I love all the songs and been watching the movie like almost every night! So off i go internet surfing while waiting the Starbucks coffee effect disappear.

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