Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a day after tomorrow

Baby - Mak bagitau kamu, atau kamu assume sendiri?
Nadira - Lusa akak balik! :)

Hello all. Whoever you are. I don't think my blog is a hit, but somehow they are people who actually get fascinated wanting to know what I'm doing. Wehehe.. perasan! Anyway, before i get to the subject; just a random opinion about emmm... TWILIGHT Hero and Heroin, Edward and Bella (Pretty name, i like it - Bella :P) Apparently, i haven't really start reading the book (yet!) because I was too greedy. While I was at Kuching airport, i couldn't resist to buy another Sophie Kinsella's book and start reading it while waiting for our flight, still haven't finish reading...

Hmmm, OK! That random thoughts; Robert and Kristen were sort of like playing their real selves in the movie. Robert is Edward in reality and so; Kristen is Bella. They are so cool about this whole madness of Twilight. I saw Kristen was only in a pair of jeans and leather jackets in Letterman show, she's not trying to fit into the whole Hollywood lalalalaland... Pattinson too, what with his messy hair looks like he too tak kesah sangat about the whole fanatic stuffs happening around him... Cool aje which to me is like SUPER COOL. Macam.... "I handsome OK.., you don't have to tell me I handsome, I memang handsome, and I tak kesah sangat pasal tu" Hehehe, pepandai je :)

I'm going back a day after tomorrow. Say what? Weeeehoooo! :) Today at the office, I shed a few tears. I felt stupid for doing so. Why? Just because I feel like I can't win in a tense discussion and ended it with "I don't feel like talking about it anymore"! What happened? Ehhh, malas lah... Whatever it is, I felt like a total loser, how could a fried made you feel so Takberguna? ish,ish,ish - not a friend tu maknanya...

Anyway, I'm going back already and I'm already smiling by 2pm. I sang happily to Izza before we went back. Lagu ape, lagu I seduce my dad to buy me a car. I sang with a water bottle over my mouth, so it's sounded a little weird and to Izza, it's freakishly funny. I like that about her, I can totally be super poyo, funny, just myself around her... Hehehe. Oh, lagu dia..

"Bapakku pulang dari kota, Bapakku belikan kereta, Kereta kancil warna Merah, Bolehku bawak ke sekolah"

This part really cracked us up:
"PON,PON,PON 3x, kereta kancil tu berbunyi, Marilah adik, mari naik... Bolehku bawak jumpa nenek"

Cube nyanyi sampai abis.. Part Pon, pon, pon 3x tu memang abis lawak.. Haha! :) Oklah, sini aje. Bye2.

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