Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wish List

1. Edward Cullen

Hello all. I'm back in Miri, safely landed yesterday evening. I was hit by this urge to suddenly organize things for my wedding tentatively in June. Well, according to my dad; we have booked the venue for our reception in KL so it's pretty much confirm already! So, with this sudden rush of need to plan; i dropped by at my favorite magazine store, Pasar Malam Miri in Saberkas.

I bought 6 magazines all together at RM16. This includes Wanita edisi khas perkahwinan. I think that is the ONLY magazine that is related to wedding. Hehehe... The others were Nov Vogue (US), Oct Vogue (AUS), Nov Cosmogirl (US), Nov Cosmopolitan (M'sia) and Oct Marie Claire (UK). [Baby, cepatlah jeles. Akak tau kamu jeles. Haha!] The other fashion magazines were supposed to inspire my wedding as well-lah. These types of magazines are mountaining in my room! Kena start buang dah edisi 2006/2007. Buang or recycle, but where to recyle in Miri?

Anyway, today's plan was to hang out with my best neighbour (at home and in the office), KakLaila and her children; Iman and Iqbal. Initially I planned to go out in the morning, go breakfast, play at Kelab Rekreasi Petroleum in Lutong (at swimming pool/playground) but duty calls. I was asked to attend a meeting in the office to update on our current liftings plan. I came back 2 hours ago and the plan defers to after asar at around 4.

I bought gifts for both of them and Along's newborn, Fahry. Wak, if you're reading this; OK as promised Fisher Price toy for your special boy! Not super expensive, but expensive enough lah! Hehehehe... Oh it's not for now; we have to wait until he's 6 months or so; then he could surely enjoy his toy frm Aunty Teeny :) Along, congratulations! I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit...

Oh, on the subject of this entry; I wish to get a new camera actually. We already checked out Sony's at the recet ICT expo in Miri last weekend but I didn't exactly choose one yet. The agreement with Zukry was this to be my birthday present [I'm turning a year older (Past a quarter century already! Takutnya!) in a month time!] but with the wedding coming up and all, not sure if I'll get it. I'm already giving up the idea of holding a designer handbag, so a camera should be a great focus. Plus, hinting dearest Mak (currently in Jakarta), adakah Marc Jacob's bag you bought in London itu for me? My mum won't melt with a wink from me. So no winking mak, just straight up question "Untuk akak ke beg marc jacob itu?" Baby if you know the answer leave it in the comment please! :)

In 6 days, I'll start my year end holiday. Yippee! I planned this year quite well despite my recent move to the new section. I get to go back for our Family Day (where we won't the Sehati Berdansa), merisik (acquire a gold band), mid year holidays during Gawai break (what did i do then eh? hmmm...), Aidilfitri cum engagement(acquire a diamond ring)... so yeah, that's why my carry forward leave is only 1 day!

Next year holiday plan will be different. I know it's gonna be a Good different so i'm still looking for it! In the mean time, let's just enjoy today... Happy weekend everyone. Most of the readers are away in Muar kan?...


Anonymous said...

mane ade marc jacobs tu utk akak.utk mak je.he he.but sesekali nk dipki oleh anak2 nye ape hu..nway,beg tu sgt best.tapi mak simpan je.sedey..

Nadira said...

I wish for Edward Cullen to but Santa said kena gilir gilir la kak teeny. So, kak teeny dapat lambat sikit because dia dengan nadira sekarang. :)

Rindu, bila nak balik la? ke dah balik?