Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogging from Kuching

I'm in Kuching right now. I was in a meeting for 2-days here. Right now, I'm waiting for my flight at the airport with a colleague, Qistin. Being here just brought me back to my first time visiting Kuching (first time in Borneo land) last 3 years... I was with KakLong and her boyfriend, Joe.

How we were all counting money to make sure we have enough for our programs, how we enjoyed the beach and swimming pool (to ourselves) at Damai Lagoon Hotel as it was not holiday season; foreignors pun tak ramai... Lawaks ah. Sekarang airport pun dah canggih, jalan2 pun pakai taxi (tak berkira sangat - lagipun company trip kan...)

I have finish reading "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella and couldn't wait to start reading Twilight. Yeap, i watch the movie first then only read the book... As i get to really imagine the characters in the story. I work backwards or is it forward? hehehe... Just like i did the first Harry Potter book lah... :)

I have another week of working days before I leave for KL for 2 weeks holidays. Weehoo!! but there are tonnes to do in the office (as always) The list of things to do for this coming holidays is a long one. I already have some things to do, places to visit, things to buy etc.

Esok dah weekend! Malam ni ada pasar, nak gie beli magazine Kahwin lah. :) bye2.

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