Monday, December 8, 2008

Aidiladha in Miri...

Edited with pictures... :) All in before the working days start tomorrow!


Life’s a blast when you’re enjoying it. So, as of this moment; I’m there... ( I think I am... Or am i talking big, here??? Hmmm....) Before that, Salam Aidiladha. Hope your hari raya is a cheerful one. Mine, I kept on thinking that tomorrow is a working day and Zukry is going back, life’s to be at the same routine it was... Sigh~~~

Well, moving on. I’m writing after a tiring weekend.

DAY 1 – Niah Cave
What do you do before you leave for Gua Niah? A VISIT TO THE DENTIST! Hahaha! That was what we did. We went to our first dental treatment in 2009. My last one was in last December at Ampang Putri, this year we went to Dr Peter somewhere in Resident Office area, Miri. Dropped at Plaza Bintang to buy our “Brunch”, Mc’Donalds and off we go.

Oh my god, this body of mine has been longing to be stretched and pushed to its potential – and I get it, alright! We walked thru the whole Gua Niah area. From the start until the Painted Cave and walked back (made a U-turn) A 4-hours, 8km walked up and down a gazillion hundreds of stairs!!! My legs were shaking the way back, but surprisingly I made it. Hehehe... Zukry was all “I love adventurous stuffs” when I was all, Where is the city I want to be in?! :)

Boy scout tunjuk terer. Padahal ikut aweks2 kat depan tu je!

Dah 3 kali sampai gua Niah!!! All uses different routes, taking up different experiences. Boleh register jadi Cave Ranger!

The whole journey to-fro was filled with Zukry’s office gossips/politics/etc. Mamat ni banyak pulak cerita dia, masa tepon taknak cerita pun. A few dah basi sangat, but since I’ve never heard the stories, kita layan jelah... :P I listen tau, bukan hear aje. Banyak different tu!

DAY 2 – Movies marathon
Anyone who hasn’t watch “TWILIGHT”, please3x go and watch! Edward Cullen is my new definition of a GORGEOUS MAN! He is just way too beautiful not to look at... vampire love story which will leave you sending messages to everyone to actually watch it. Ika, go and watch it. Cepat sket baca buku tu!

Next was Antoo Fighter. I don’t know what we were thinking but yeah, that was the choice made yesterday... Makteh, akak terbaca you actually watch it; tapi aduhai – I can’t remember why we chose to watch it! Hihihi, I felt like we should watch Twilight again! But dah takde mood lama sangat dalam cinema yang pathetic tu...
Malam sibuk mencari tempe utk Lontong, tapi takjumpe. Dah malam, mane nak ada! Hihi.

The chemistry between the actors were amazing. Tengoklah betapa hensemnya hero itu. I googled for those 2 pics. Thanks to all who have made the search easier

DAY 3 – Salam Aidiladha
I made sambal sotong which tasted better that the pilot version last 2 weeks. Yay! KakAda cooked the lontong so i don’t bother to cook another version. Kang terbanyak pulak!. I think with that sambal, Mr. Fiancé was convinced that we won’t be relying on restaurants nor kebulur his whole life with me nanti. Haha!

Us berhari raya in Miri :)

KakLaila came over with Iman (with a rather weird haircut but still uber cute especially when she started to ask “ape tu?” at all kind of stuffs!) and the thumb-sucker, Iqbal.

Iman with her weirdly cute hair-do!

I need to rest. The Niah effect is still there... but it’s all worth it... And note to who has yet to watch TWILIGHT “Tolonglah pergi tengok and tell me, Edward Cullen is just damn gorgeous!”


Zulaikha said...

Of course. Edward Cullen is suppose to be gorgeous like in the book. As if you haven't seen Robert Pattinson before...only a few chapters left. Why did you have to make me so eager to finish the book ASAP.

theQueen said...

hihu. dgr jugak ramai kate si hero super hensem. btw rmbut iman abg imran yg kerat lg ke :P hihu. rindu pulak kt diorg. tak jmp lg iqbal! lol. kem salam kt diorg.