Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sehati Berdansa Champion!

Baby, don't forget. While I'm working hard to make sure you are guaranteed, find moves for our next Sehati Berdansa competition at our annual Family Day. This year, must beat last year's performance! :)

Oh, for those who have not seen Beyonce's awesome new video. Here it is. Please give it some time to load and you'll see Beyonce turns into Sasha Fierce the alter-ego. Hmmm... that makes me wonder if I have one??? Heheheh...

Chinese New Year ke MakTam? Em, if I cannot make it; how? Baby if we are going to be like Destiny's Child, we need another girl to join us. Mak, like we said last weekend; you have to be auditioned first. Hahaha! Oh, I'll give you a long list of things to buy for dearest daughter, TEENY. This is for you to study before you reach London. Again, I'm so jealous!!!

Apakah mengarut di waktu malam. Nite everyone!


yati said...

Dear Teeny,
i think cny is the most suitable time for everyone to have the family day. so, you have more than 2 mths to prepare. do try to work out your leave. kalau nak balik bulan mac ke for example, forwardkan ke cny lah. kalau bos tak bagi, nak mak tam tuliskan surat pun boleh. not that i ada kuasa apa2 but nak tunjukkan kesungguhan. anyways, cny kan long weekend. you should be able to take only a few days leave.

maybe this time, sehati berdansa kena bagi theme lah, macam dlm program tv tu. traditional ke, disco ke, amacam? ok tak idea tu?

... mak tam

Harteeny said...

Kalau boss baca blog ni, saya perlu cuti this Chinese New Year! :) hehehe... Eleh, sebenarnya boleh je since it's a long weekend. Bukan amek extra cuti pun kan. Cuma now, TIKET MAHAL!!!

Ada theme? Kena decide cepat. Baby tengah sibuk meng"create" our move kat umah tu...