Saturday, November 15, 2008

London Calls

A few months ago, London called for my dad. We knew he's going to London in November. Last week, it called my mum too! So today, both my parents are on their way to London! So, as a very clever and smart daughter; I've made a list of things to buy. Hehehe...

1. Trenchcoat, white crisp shirt and knitted top
Don't ask me why but I have always wanted a long coat. A trenchcoat-Burberry-like. White crisp shirt is a must to every career woman wardrobe. I have one by Somerset Bay from ages ago 2001/2 which I should throw out already and one by Ms. Read bought early last year (almost 2 years!) So, I have to get a brand new one. Knitted top, is just a clever idea from a girl who has no time ironing baju kurung or shirt/pants combo early morning. Hope there's an Autumn/Winter sale there in London, so to get the knitted top is easy-peasy. I attached this one from Dorothy Perkin to Mum for her reference. Hehehe.

2. Ankle boots
Ideally from Clarks. But i can't find one that I like. I somehow prefers the sandal and pumps but I need boots. A covered shoes for office. I am always in poyo-sandal and ballerina flats which does not go with the Hartini-sungguh-rajin-bekerja look. Hihihi... So I attached these cuties for Mak reference together with my foot measurement. I have a Clark wedges and loafer from 2003 kot and they were size 7.

Marks & Spencer


3. Handbag/purse
I can't afford to buy a Europe luxurious brand bag yet. So no Gucci nor LV. Syed, I'm still saving up for an LV so that you can bring one for me from France next year! I could buy a Coach handbag + purse, so i posted these as reference to Mak with the price I want to buy. Anything more, forget it! Hehehe. Coach in London? Don't think so!!! :P

So, there you go; my list. Hehehe... I hope to get at least one item from this long I-WANT-THESE list :) I'm going back this December and can bring the item back for the new year 2009! Weeehooo!


Zulaikha said...

nanti ika mau borrow the coat...

yati said...

Dear Teeny,
for coach handbags, why don't you browse 'ninnies treasures' - you know that friend of mine in california who has a shop-on-line website. why not try..

looks like your mom will be busy shopping...

... mak tam

Harteeny said...

Dear IKA, borrow only if my mum bought it for me. hehehe...

MakTam, akak dah browse through all blog-shop yang akak tau. So i gave the price kalau beli online kat Mak. Tengok dulu camne. Tapi cita2nya, by New year; akak own one :)