Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Know, Don't Care.

Work has been really demanding lately. I don't know but i feel overwhelmed everytime i'm in the office and after work (which means it's already dark outside) I will clean myself up and suddenly found it's another working day yet again... It's unhealthy and I think I'm just everywhere, not-organize and so tensed up.

There's this one person thinks that I've been complaining too much. "Too much complaints doesn't help" OK, but at least I have it out of my system once shared. Whoever says that should be in my position, or within my office area to actually find out what's happening. Believe me, we have a team to support what i'm saying here...

Anyway, Mak lekas balik bawak banyak2 goodies for me! I know Marc Jacob and Coach handbags takde. Kita carik kat KL nanti... My parents went to Portsmouth yesterday. Down memory lane... Bapak used to study there. Masa tu tak jumpa Mak lagi but I'm sure there're a lot of things shared and Mak takleh nak imagine, now she knows... Hehehe. Best ah gi London! Kenapa nak kahwin pulak next year???!!! Kalau tak, akak boleh ikut jugak!

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