Friday, November 28, 2008

Something Scares Me

Yesterday, I was reaching home and I found two guys running to the area in front of my house ( a empty area - something like a field without grass) I thought they were the usual boys who always hang out there. Anak-anak jiran sebelah-menyebelah...

I saw a mirror outside of the house and thought "Eh, 1 a bawak keluar cermin ke? Kenapa?" 2 was not around since weekend and 3 went back cuti-cuti Malaysia... When I was trying to unlock the grill, Abg Imran (KakLaila's husband) called and tell me that the two guys were trying to break into my house! TERUS TAKUT, KAKU, TAKTAU NAK WAT APE!!!

The attempt was not successful. I slept early last night. And today, I have to bring my laptop to the office and lock my room!

Moral of the story, I hate coming home to an empty HUGE house.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Know, Don't Care.

Work has been really demanding lately. I don't know but i feel overwhelmed everytime i'm in the office and after work (which means it's already dark outside) I will clean myself up and suddenly found it's another working day yet again... It's unhealthy and I think I'm just everywhere, not-organize and so tensed up.

There's this one person thinks that I've been complaining too much. "Too much complaints doesn't help" OK, but at least I have it out of my system once shared. Whoever says that should be in my position, or within my office area to actually find out what's happening. Believe me, we have a team to support what i'm saying here...

Anyway, Mak lekas balik bawak banyak2 goodies for me! I know Marc Jacob and Coach handbags takde. Kita carik kat KL nanti... My parents went to Portsmouth yesterday. Down memory lane... Bapak used to study there. Masa tu tak jumpa Mak lagi but I'm sure there're a lot of things shared and Mak takleh nak imagine, now she knows... Hehehe. Best ah gi London! Kenapa nak kahwin pulak next year???!!! Kalau tak, akak boleh ikut jugak!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ku Mahu Kau Tahu - Hujan

I just really listen to this song when I was in my car, driving back home from having breakfast (alone. Pathetic? Nah, I'm used to it) and Hujan really rocked the song at Muzik FM. Yeap, that's the best radio station in Miri. So here's the lyric. Of course, while I was listening to it i have this "I want Zukry to dedicate this song to me" thoughts.

Hujan - Ku Mahu Kau Tahu

Di sudut termenung jauh
Mengenangkan nasib kita
Kita miliki separuh
Berbentuk hati cinta namanya

Walau kau jauh
Ku sentiasa menunggumu
Inginku imbas kembali memori

Walau kau jauh
Ku berjanji kan terus tunggu
Dipisah lautan biru

Ku mahu kau tahu
Aku kan terus menunggu

Jaga benar gambarku dalam telefon bimbitmu
Jangan pernah sekali kau buang
Seperti cinta ini yang terbuku
Akan bersemi jua

Terus menunggu
Kita kan bersatu
Terus menunggu
Ku mahu kau tahu

I didn't realize, Zukry has already posted this song quite a while ago in his blog. And of course, that post was meant for me. So Hartini is a little outdated this time! :P Love, love, love...

Give time for this video to load and you can listen and sing the song, and just feel like I'm feeling... :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

London Calls

A few months ago, London called for my dad. We knew he's going to London in November. Last week, it called my mum too! So today, both my parents are on their way to London! So, as a very clever and smart daughter; I've made a list of things to buy. Hehehe...

1. Trenchcoat, white crisp shirt and knitted top
Don't ask me why but I have always wanted a long coat. A trenchcoat-Burberry-like. White crisp shirt is a must to every career woman wardrobe. I have one by Somerset Bay from ages ago 2001/2 which I should throw out already and one by Ms. Read bought early last year (almost 2 years!) So, I have to get a brand new one. Knitted top, is just a clever idea from a girl who has no time ironing baju kurung or shirt/pants combo early morning. Hope there's an Autumn/Winter sale there in London, so to get the knitted top is easy-peasy. I attached this one from Dorothy Perkin to Mum for her reference. Hehehe.

2. Ankle boots
Ideally from Clarks. But i can't find one that I like. I somehow prefers the sandal and pumps but I need boots. A covered shoes for office. I am always in poyo-sandal and ballerina flats which does not go with the Hartini-sungguh-rajin-bekerja look. Hihihi... So I attached these cuties for Mak reference together with my foot measurement. I have a Clark wedges and loafer from 2003 kot and they were size 7.

Marks & Spencer


3. Handbag/purse
I can't afford to buy a Europe luxurious brand bag yet. So no Gucci nor LV. Syed, I'm still saving up for an LV so that you can bring one for me from France next year! I could buy a Coach handbag + purse, so i posted these as reference to Mak with the price I want to buy. Anything more, forget it! Hehehe. Coach in London? Don't think so!!! :P

So, there you go; my list. Hehehe... I hope to get at least one item from this long I-WANT-THESE list :) I'm going back this December and can bring the item back for the new year 2009! Weeehooo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sehati Berdansa Champion!

Baby, don't forget. While I'm working hard to make sure you are guaranteed, find moves for our next Sehati Berdansa competition at our annual Family Day. This year, must beat last year's performance! :)

Oh, for those who have not seen Beyonce's awesome new video. Here it is. Please give it some time to load and you'll see Beyonce turns into Sasha Fierce the alter-ego. Hmmm... that makes me wonder if I have one??? Heheheh...

Chinese New Year ke MakTam? Em, if I cannot make it; how? Baby if we are going to be like Destiny's Child, we need another girl to join us. Mak, like we said last weekend; you have to be auditioned first. Hahaha! Oh, I'll give you a long list of things to buy for dearest daughter, TEENY. This is for you to study before you reach London. Again, I'm so jealous!!!

Apakah mengarut di waktu malam. Nite everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11/11/08 and comments

Marks our 1st month. OK2 aje so far :)

Nak gitau, all comments are very much appreciated. I tried to reply all, but sometimes I only rajin to click-clikc-click but not type, so... It happens lah kan? Anyway, rasa seronok when there's people out there yang actually read this.

Oklah, better get going. Millions other things line up before me. Argh!!!

Dorothy who?

Hello readers...
It's been quite a while eh? Sorry to those who has been hoping to see some new stories/pictures here and nothing but the pictures of me at Labuan tu aje. Thanks so much for your comments. Of course, my favorite is from MakTeh... I've added bits here and there from raya. Adus, bila tension; I nak makan aje!!!

Oh pada yang tak perasan, don't worry. Takdelah banyak turun pun. But i can wear a size smaller now. Well, from Aug lagi tapi sebab tak menurun since then. Naik lagi ada. Hehehe... But while I was in KL last week, i managed to grab 2 tops and a trouser from Dorothy Perkins at a smaller size. Wooopeee! Meeting in KL and shopping alone can be very dangerous. Hundreds of $$$ boleh keluar begitu sahaja!!!

Here's a pic of what I bought. Taken from Dorothy Perkins website of course. BTW, people of around my size, you can great stuffs from Dorothy Perkins tau. The price are OK. Takdelah mahal giler, tapi don't lah expect harga cam RM39.90 for a top/pants. Memanglah takdapat... Sometimes, i always have the tendency to tailor-made my shirt but usually takpakai pun because tak best and the cost of the material and tailoring dah sama dengan 1 shirt at Marks & Spencer, might as well beli situ terus. Fit well, quality fabric. Susah2 aje....

Tengok who else in check shirt... All from; my favorite gossip website. Ha, I pun taknak kalah :) Hihihi...

1. That Jenny girl from Gossip Girl
2. That Joey girl from Dawson's Creek
3. That Lauren girl from The Hills
4. That Teeny from Ampang, from her show "On My Own"

Tak dilupa kepada my new pants yang ridiculously susah nak takeoff. Please don't wear this when sakitperut melanda. It has three hooks, 1 button and a 2 inch zip complete with a skinny belt. Ha, tak ke payah if terkucil ke hape???!!! But why beli? Because it fits nicely. It falls in all the right places. Excuse the big butt, but really; people like me and Mak, memang perlu pants like this... barulah nampak extra Curvacious. Beyonce like Wahaha! :P Again, at RM133, beli jelah... Buat lagi mahal! Percayalah...

Apakah, my updates hanya on my buy from Dorothy Perkins. Oklah, kena wat menda lain pulak. I'll update more soon.