Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was in Labuan

I was in Labuan during the weekend. It was the in lieu of TYT's Sarawak on Friday and I finally decided it was time for me to visit the Labuan Island where Zukry is :)

I have a few stories line up actually but usually I would have gone way outta line when I start typing all the great happenings that I want to share. So, let me just get myself together; pressed the refresh button and go back to Friday, 24/10/08. Here's the map of the tiny island of Labuan.


Hujan memanjang... Quoting one of our conversation; Zukry: "You're my fiancee, Not Beyonce". It rhymes! Can i be both? :)


Anonymous said...

yeah, it was raining like all the time. maybe sebab orang karaoke masa engagement day kot.

Zulaikha said...

Ika terlalu suka quote ituu!

Harteeny said...

Yalor, karaoke aje memanjang... Mane tak hujan the whole weekend :P

Ika, akak pun sangat suka. Marilah support Hartini to become Beyonce plak selepas berjaya ke tapak Fiance. Hahaha!