Monday, October 27, 2008

Lovebirds at Labuan

Excuse the title. I realize it's an extreme "Kepoyoan" but people, this is my blog :) Feast your eyes with these pictures of us together in Labuan.

1. The Chimney
2. The Chimney
3. War Memorial Park
4. War Memorial Park
5. Labuan Jetty

Finally, the ring that brings 2 hearts, 2 families, together... :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was in Labuan

I was in Labuan during the weekend. It was the in lieu of TYT's Sarawak on Friday and I finally decided it was time for me to visit the Labuan Island where Zukry is :)

I have a few stories line up actually but usually I would have gone way outta line when I start typing all the great happenings that I want to share. So, let me just get myself together; pressed the refresh button and go back to Friday, 24/10/08. Here's the map of the tiny island of Labuan.


Hujan memanjang... Quoting one of our conversation; Zukry: "You're my fiancee, Not Beyonce". It rhymes! Can i be both? :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


What happened?

1. That's me moments before I have my own diamond ring. What a feeling! I was worried about 1 thing, and only 1 thing. Muat ke cincin aku itu??? Baby, pass me the hand lotion. Hurry! Beautiful fresh flower arrangements behind. Tak rugi went to Petaling Street for that. Cantik gilers!

2. With Baby and Mizan. Showing of the little bling to her while Mizan must be thinking "ape-ape jelah bebudak pompuan ni!"

3. My friends from SAB and of course, Huda. Mawarni, Zalina, Tahirah, Sajidah, Azreen and Anis. Really glad you girls came! It made my whole week of tiring "kemas-kemas" seems so "tak-penat-langsung!" Huda - Thanks for staying over and helping out. You're the true bling :)

4. A little peek of what i gave him. All hantaran from me were made by KakLong, KakNgah with approval of Ika and MakTam. All creative brains mold into one, and these were the products. The others were made the night before.

I'm now engaged to Zukry! :) Note to everyone, a diamond ring suits everything. You can go casual, up-and-glam Raya do, baju tido kaftan pun goes with it. Thanks, dear. You've bought the right one in the right size!

The busy week seems an easy-breezy one when i went back to the feeling of becoming someone's fiancee... We are definitely getting there.

Black&white damask image googled:

A little Update

Dear All,

I've been super busy with work right after my long Hari Raya leave that I don't have the time to really put on a really good storyline of my recent holiday in Kampung Kuala Lumpur :) Hehehe...

I leave you all with pictures first maybe later continue with the stories behind but i think these will definitely tell you a lot of more than i could. I capture a little something just to bring you through...

That's me having Lontong. I already shared with you my baju raya in previous entry kan. It's the 2 coloured chiffon, my tailor had a hard time designing. Dia kata susah nak wat the way she initially intent to do, but I say "You tangguh, takcukup masa, so you did what you could je kan?" Anyway, I still love it! :)

My second baju raya. I can't help it, I love Thai Silk! Note that my first and second baju raya (the materials) were courtesy of my ehem... Zukry! It was supposed to be part of the hantaran, but well. Buy another one jelah!

My third and forth day; I borrowed from Mak. She has great baju kurung wardrob. All kind of designs and materials. And we are in the same size! Syukur! :) Hehehe.. The forth baju kurung sangatlah cantik tapi somehow made me look even more "kembang", so taknak tunjuklah... :)

Bergelak ketawa even without our dad. Bapak has to leave for Manila, a few days before raya. We were supposed to put on sappy faces for the camera but ended up laughing! Notice we are actually in blue and pink? Nice combo, right?

Me and Baby at the first house we stopped. Taktau nak borak ape, so we snapped pictures. Aris's not-so-little angels...

The lovely ladies... Consists of: Nenek sedara, Aunties, Cousins and of course, Mak & Baby.

The gentlements. Uncles and cousins with Abg & Mizan from 3 families.

The second day of raya, Abg decided to go super casual. If Bapak is around, all gents in my family would be in Baju Melayu all the time! So here we are, in the same tone of colours still. Clever kan?

This was taken in our Bapak's kampung in Batu Pahat. Bapak came back on 2nd Raya. The little ones are my anak sedara. I'm a Nenek sedara in Batu Pahat. We are always confused on what to call ourselves there. Nyayi (Jawa for Grandma)/Aunty/Kak/Cik Teeny

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Aidilfitri

I have so many stories to tell. It just a wonderful aidilfitri but a very tiring one as well.

Where do i start?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dear All,


Salam Lebaran. Semoga Syawal kali ini lebih bererti.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Jemput ke rumah pada 11 October 2008, Sabtu :)

Teeny @ Lipis.