Sunday, September 21, 2008

Working Hard Before Raya? - Not so!

I have work pending for submission tomorrow. (Yet again!) I don't know, Zukry thinks I can't say NO to assignments. Maybe I have this syndrom of wanting to please everyone especially seniors and bosses. It's very dangerous! The funny thing is all these assignments are in my KPIs. I should revise the KPI perhaps. See the burden compared to others. Blame it on something else, as usual.

People, look at these cute pictures! Maktam posted this two pictures of me on her facebook account. Ahhh, I am cute. Was, am, will always be! My blog, so I can go all the way with this "angkat bakul" thing. Hihihi :P Maktam, thanks for the effort of scanning all these. One of the best thing when I'm at your house is browsing to your ever-organized and clean albums. :) Love, love, love them!

CUTE kan??? :) Yesterday I had my hair trimmed into a six year old me again. Hehehe.. The best thing is that I was questioned "You pernah buat rebonding sebelum ni?"... and I get to answer "no, My hair is natural like this" ah, what a feeling! Hahahaha. Perasan lagik! But i have to say during facial, mak sakit!!! This time I went to a different place. Chinese beautician. Again, the korek2 time - mak datuk, giler sakit! But i have to clean the bumps and what not on my face ni... I wish to go facial again before the 11 Oct ceremony :)

I can't wait to go get my baju raya! This year, I have a two-toned (blue+peach)chiffon made into a modern baju kurung with a bit of twist and yet again, thai silk but this time, the checkered part as top, and the plain one as the sarong. Oh, the kain is courtersy of dearest Zukry. Terima kasih tidak terhingga ye :) Ah, taksabarnye nak parade the baju raya, playing dress up the night before and the morning of Raya!

But ah, I have two meetings (which of course, I'm the secretary) that I have to make sure "berlaku" before i go back for Raya holidays. Then I can "Beraya" oh so peacefully. I hope!


Zulaikha said...

I scanned those pictures! haha.

david santos said...
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Harteeny said...

Thanks Ika, Bolehlah wat project scannning baby pictures dah pas nih... Boleh wat scrap book cucu-cucu a Manan & Zauyah :)

whitelighter said...

ala comelnya..

Anonymous said...

patut wat muke baby akak n muka baby BABY.then compare.lots of similirities.tol ke baby eja nie.ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

there will be more to come in my facebook baby pics......well, maybe not all are babies but still part of history...what i called the classics.

...mak tam