Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time (tick, tock, tick) Vs. Money ($$$)

I'd say that I'm an independent person. I do things myself. Of course, I would not reject any help from people but I do pretty OK doing my own things too. Why am I yaking about this? :)

I was just thinking while driving pass Pasar Ramadhan at Lutong this evening. Around 5.30pm. I have no guilt whatsoever going back earlier than my senior or even my boss today. Because it's Ramadhan. People are much more considered. It should be this way more often! :) Anyway, what i was thinking?

I was thinking, Nak berenti ke taknak? Nak park kereta, jenjalan at the mini PARAM or just drive away and stop at the gerai sebelah Masjid Lutong aje? So, i decided - let's not loose time parking, berasak2 - instead just settle with whatever makcik gerai sebelah masjid offer. What do i get? Kueh2 yang kureng ke"sedap"an nya...

Still that was not the point writing. Actually I want to point out about Nak loose time, or loose money. OK, more appropriate example. Taking the bus pengantara (to the LRT) or naik teksi?

Dulu2, masa universiti (cuti kat KL) - nak gi meet girlfriends/dating, if there's no kelisa/wira/perdana at home, sometimes opt for public transportation. So, to ride the LRT, i have to go to the LRT station. To go to the nearest LRT station, I have to either take the bus or the taxi. OK, so the question here is "Nak naik bus, murah (only RM1 to Jelatek/Datuk Keramat) but I have to wait for a gazillion hours. But naik taxi, for RM5 every 2/3 minutes, there's 1 taxi passing by? So nak loose the time waiting, or loose the RM4. Mane yang lebih precious???"

So itulah dia sebenarnya... I just want to highlight, I always have this in my mind. mumbling about whether I should waste money over time... So ape kena mengena dengan cerita beli kueh kat Makcik gerai sebelah masjid - I have lost its connection! Hahaha!

This thing keeps on playing especially during my online shopping spree. Nak beli sekarang and dapat in 2 days but pay extra for the delivery charges or wait next month, balik KL and baru beli? So u can pretty much guess which one i chose kan? hehehehe...

So, salam everyone. Hope all is well. Miss everyone at home and couldn't wait for next weekend! Weeehooo!!!

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