Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi! :)

I have no idea what to write as the title. Just want to let you all know that I am in KL and I am loving it. Once reach KLIA; then I realize, it has been only a month since my last trip back but somehow it feels so long...

Tanker meeting was super. In one meeting, i get to meet people from various OPUs and even companies. The only thing that i find a bit embarrassing is that my name card is not updated. There's no handphone number! I have new extension number! And the job title is definitely change as well. So when people are exchanging theirs, I was like "Em, thanks!" tu je! So poyos and yeah, memalukan diri sendiri... Reminder, ask clerk to renew.

The host has arranged a Majlis Berbuka Puasa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, so I was so there! :) I had buka puasa at Ancasa Hotel the night before (the day I arrived, the day i fast 2 hours longer than usual. Hehehe...) And last night I buka puasa with Mak and Abang at Novotel Hotel: Chinese Muslim Cuisine, Qing Zhen Restaurant. Dumplings - love, love, love... Sushi, super love! Chocolate fountain, please no more inches added at my hips or else takmuat baju raya!!! Must eat Tom Yam Kung tonight at Secret Recipe's with Sajidah and Mawarni & that apple juice with asam boi - ape nama dia??? can't recall!

Off doing some pending jobs due last night! And then, off to Jalan TAR to shop for.... em, stuffs :P


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(",) strawberry said...

hi teeny..just to inform that i have changed my number, but till now, the new number tak activate lagi..huhu..lambat skit..anyway, really miss you girls so much..kalau sempat, nak berbuka puasa sesama..this time around, i sure gonna work extra hard to make it..huhu...really hope to see you girls...