Thursday, August 14, 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard

I'm in Kuala Lumpur. Ya Allah, it feels so good. To be here and doing nothing is far much better feeling that there in Miri, doing/not doing anything. Hehehehe...

Plans as usual tinggi segunung, but so far - I've met Shamina and Naim. Only in 2 days. Shamina, a married friend of mine. The closest i have in UTM after Huda and always gets me no matter how much our values differs. Kan Sham? Miss you, the single one. Hihihi... Naim, (a wife to Haniff now) terjumpa kat hotel. I was having breakfast and so was she. Agak awkward, but yeah... She's also now married!

Well, I'm off to Pavillion in a short while. Pick mum up at her office and shopping! I'm aiming for a chunk heel from ninewest, apparently at I Setan ada 50%, so i hope same goes to the boutique. And I have mentioned before, kakiku bukanlah mudah menerima sepasang kasut yang sedap dipakai...

Oh, i have to mention, i have bought 3 sandals already. All from BATA. hahaha! The leather collection at KLCC. 2 leather sandals and a cheapo wedge at RM180. Can't beat that! 3 tau! Full leather pulak! Will update with pics if sempat OK?

To friends in Miri, kerja rajin2. Will update salient points by tonight as tomorrow is a holiday! at least for me! Kerja rajin2 :)

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