Sunday, August 31, 2008

2nd trip to Tjantek Spa

I was pampered yesterday. A total of RM120, I get a facial & massage and my first pedicure! My second trip to Tjantek Spa in Piasau. I was so determined to go this time, so i don't care about driving in the rain nor the enormous pile of laundry at home. Hehehe...

Bestnya. There was no customer at that time, and the lady who took care of me last time remember this face. She said "ada datang bersama kawan aritu bukan?" and "Kawan haniff kan?" - Haniff, i know you're reading - I don't get a discount! The massage part is what i really need. The face massage, hand and shoulder and back massage. Then foot massage.

I was quite jakun actually being my first time pedicur-ing. So i actually asked a lot of question. The lady was practically kneeling in front of me and asked for my foot! There were two ladies actually! Rasa tak comfortable sangat... tapi wat2 rilex sambil baca GLAMOUR magazine. hehehehe... Potong kuku, scrap all the dirt, polish, and urut2. Since takde masalah crack heel, Yeay! (Dia kata "bersih ya tapak kaki kamu!") dia scrub sket2 jelah... ala2 cukup syarat. So hasilnya.... takdapat nak dishare because my phone takleh nak detect bluetooth pulak. ngengada!

Anyway, headed to Lalapan with Sree and Visu afterthat. We were at Sree's house enjoying "Friends". Hehehe. Anyway, I'll write again. For Merdeka and Ramadhan entry. Till then, happy Sunday everyone. For me, Sunday is house chores day. So pretty much busy berkemas2.


Sree ntah wat ape, Visu cam marah aje (sibuk nak berhappy2 hours although the next morning she's going offshore, and me with my polished toenails!!! Take opportunities when you can. And i can! ;P

There's me all smiling. :) Pampered and just happy. hehehehe...

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