Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boring - Who? Me? NO!

I love music. I love to sing. I think I've already mentioned that in a few of my previous entries. But do you have certain songs that reminded you of a certain occasions? Well, I do.

For example, lagu "Tragedi Oktober" made popular by Awie was huge when my UPSR result was out. "Tak sanggup lagi aku, mengenang kisah lalu... sesalan menghantui hidupku..." So, everytime i heard the song (which is not so often, now that it's considered Retro) I remember the time I had; studying for my UPSR at Sek. Keb. Polis Depot, KL! Sungguh lawak because out of all the songs (I was crazed about KRU. They were the new "New-Kids-On-The-Block" that time) Tragedi Oktober reminds me of 1995! 13 years ago!!!

Talking about KRU, I used to have a scrap book dedicated for them. All the lyrics, cut-out pictures from magazines, gossip of Norman & Amy Mastura, of Yusry and Sasha, of Edry and Linda Rafar... I was a very fond fan of the Malaysian music. hahaha! Giler, sungguh lawaks! I think sumer dah kena makan anai2 bila pindah Keramat or dah buang.

Naik tingkatan satu, Backstreet Boys! And when Michael Jackson was here, I begged Bapak for tickets. Little that I know, he already had two complimentary tickets. So, mum and I was in Stadium Merdeka terjerit2 weeeehhoooo!, Michael, I love you!!! Hahahaha! After that, I have newspaper cut-outs of his concerts, a collection of Michael's videos, cassettes, lalala... I remember, arwah Wan shared a room with me, she has to listen to his songs before sleep because i keep the radio on at night. Dreaming of Michael Jackson! eeeiwww, how poyoS, TIDAK!!!

I think naik sekolah menengah, i dah minat all english songs. I think last KRU album i bought was that english one, tak ingat tajuk dia hape. I started begging Mum for Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, of whatever magazines that has photos of Jonathan Brandis (mati dah - suicide!), Jonathat Jackson, Devon Sawa (last saw in Final Destination) - sumer nak beli. Padahal harga dia bukan murah2 wo! like RM20 ++ or even RM30! Tapi mak I baik orangnye... dia belikan. Cakaplah it will help my english and all. Betul mak, it helps.

On New Kids On the Block, they have a new single coming out "Summertime". I already check out the video at youtube. HOTNESS! Semua hot-hot giler. I used to LOVE Jonathan Knight. Abg kepada the oh-so-handsome Jordan Knight. Dreamy, Yum! Hehehehe.. Ni ha recent picture of the pioneer of all boybands.

I remember during our time in Hulu Langat, mak belikan videotapes of their concerts/videoclips. we learn the moves yang tersangatlah kelakar (you all cariklah kat youtube banyak! :P) and have our pertandingan. You know, kecik2kan sikit2 pertandingan. Melukis/kaler/joget pun ada! Hihihihi... I used to salin all their lyrics from KakLong and KakNgah (my cousins who introduced me to NKOTB when i was 8-9-10? ha, jangan main2. Kecik2 dah terer lagu omputeh.

So apakah tujuan this entry? Nothing, just entertaining readers who actually reads my blog. It has been a while since I last write anything here. I have so many ideas, but tulah... You want to know cerita hantu? I ada banyak! don't worry, hantu2 ni yang tak takut punya. Mawarni tau :)


Anonymous said...

hai tini...
citer hantu yg mane awk maksudkan saye tau??? ermmm....saye x igt lgsung la....
owh, i c...saye baru teringat skg...tetiba it cross my mind..ahahaha...saye ingat sgt psl hantu2 awk yang banyak tu...huhuhu


Harteeny said...

Sebab banyak tu lah kena cerita. Hehehe... tapi agak bahaya. risau one of the many hantus akan baca. kuang3x. let the hantu-hantu remains among us. yang kat MRSM, i share dalam jurnal. sape pernah baca, dia tau lah. rasanyer, yang pernah, zukry je kot. lain2 tu, kalau baca - tanpa pengetahuan I lah tu.

anyway, i somehow dapat tau mesti u antara reader yang setia :) hehehe... miss you.