Sunday, July 27, 2008


Thanks to Shilas from, i was able to contribute for the July Birthday Bash at my house last night. I was having dinner with Visu at DeliFrance, Plaza Bintang - trying to forget about it :) (sabar jelahkan...) But hey, these are the beautiful creations from Shila... Thanks so mucho!

For Mizan's 22nd Birthday

For my parents' 29th Anniversary

Thanks to Baby, i'm able to see how it all turns out. Arrangement was made between me - Shila - Abg/Baby...

OK, nak parade stuffs i bought online. I think I've mention about a maxi-dress from and Tie-Rack scarf from

I wore the maxi dress underneath the T-shirt. Nak pakai it the other way around, rasa cam extra over plak :) sorry for the picture quality. Memang sengaja blur-kan. (padahal tepon cam ayam)

And this is my attempt wearing long scarf without the help of a anak tudung yang keras tu. I have one from ARZU, KLCC. Beli last raya... Agak poyo's but it works jugak. Probably takramai orang kat opis arini to tegur! kahkahkah... Kena ada extra confidence to pull it off. But i'd say, it's a success lah... :)

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