Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm not a BORING person!

Today all i could thing about soon as i'm awake, "Kena mop lantai!". Hehehe... So yeah, up until just now I was all mengelap, menyapu, menge"mop" my room. And I decided to re-arrange my furniture. Yet again! This is like a once a three month thing for me. Sekejap katil kat tepi, kat tengah; my desk has been located nearly every inch of my room. Ada 4 penjuru, empat2 dia sapu. So, anyway... it's official that today is a "cleaning day". My room ni cepat kumpul dust. Leceh! Dengan ex-rambut yang berterbangan everywhere... sigh~~ Serious mengambil masa. and asyik2 bersin giler tak hengat!

While doing that, I have to have my laptop on. Pasang Beyonce's Live in LA, joget2, sing my heart out, shake2 what my mama give me. Hahah! :) Enjoyable-lah sket the cleaning process.

OKlah, papehal pun - I want to have my breakfast. Dah kul10.30am pun!

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