Monday, July 28, 2008

Aku Kecewa :)

Confuse nak kecewa ke tak. A success in online shopping yet again! the must have jelly + Gladiator sandal mix into one and what do you get? This beauty!!!

Unfortunately, even at a size bigger; i can't fit into it. Gene kaki bapakku jatuh kepada diri ini :(

It's not a pretty sight but i'll say it's like an elephant dalam reban ayam! Hahaha!

You like what i like? You can get the sandal from!


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Thanks to Shilas from, i was able to contribute for the July Birthday Bash at my house last night. I was having dinner with Visu at DeliFrance, Plaza Bintang - trying to forget about it :) (sabar jelahkan...) But hey, these are the beautiful creations from Shila... Thanks so mucho!

For Mizan's 22nd Birthday

For my parents' 29th Anniversary

Thanks to Baby, i'm able to see how it all turns out. Arrangement was made between me - Shila - Abg/Baby...

OK, nak parade stuffs i bought online. I think I've mention about a maxi-dress from and Tie-Rack scarf from

I wore the maxi dress underneath the T-shirt. Nak pakai it the other way around, rasa cam extra over plak :) sorry for the picture quality. Memang sengaja blur-kan. (padahal tepon cam ayam)

And this is my attempt wearing long scarf without the help of a anak tudung yang keras tu. I have one from ARZU, KLCC. Beli last raya... Agak poyo's but it works jugak. Probably takramai orang kat opis arini to tegur! kahkahkah... Kena ada extra confidence to pull it off. But i'd say, it's a success lah... :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

It's a wet day. Rain falls since last night until now (nearing 9am) non-stop. Tido malam memang best but susah nak keluar... Probably it's a sign kot. I cannot go shopping dah. Nak beli hape pun kat Miri nih :P

And the fact i already bought stuffs online. Yet again. I already purchased a maxi dress for a cheap price. Last time when i was home for Gawai break, i searched for maxi dresses everywhere with Mak. Promod ones were nice, but one size small. can fit, but not that comfy. that one was at RM 160 or was it RM260, somewhere there lah. Then, found one at Warehouse, RM500++. sungguh cantik, memanggil2. Hehehe. Duit simpan. Nak kahwin. wawawawa!!! :P

So, beli lah yang cheapo punya online. too common plak. tengok boutique ni ada, boutique tu ada... But yeah i got myself a maxi dress. and... A pair of gladiator like - jelly sandal!!! :) Tak sampai lagi. Patutnya yesterday, but it's a Friday. Busy with meetings, taktau lah ada people nak drop by things tapi i takde kat workstation ke. antara cita2 arini is to go to the post office kat Bandar lah. Ni dah hujan tak brenti...

lama sungguh tak beli sandal. I think the last one was the last post on Vincci+ wedges tu lah. That's like a few months back! no wonder lah...
Rain, rain go away... i nak gi pejabat pos. (Bukak ke Sabtu ni? eheh...)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Remember that I actually went for P. Ramlee The Musical (PRTM)? Besides the fact that I love musicals, (been to Grease, Sound Of the Music, Saturday Night Fever and Puteri Gunung Ledang) my cousin is one of the ensembles. The important ones tau, The three ladies. Kitoranglah yang tergila-gilakan KRU dulu.

We'll hang out at my room (Oh bestnya, dulu rumah kitorang sebelah2 je. Sebelum kewujudan MRR2) and dream about turning 1 and how yusry will pick us up for a date. Yes, kitorang gaduh who'll get Yusry. Kahkahkah! When we find out the number to KRU's office at Taman Melawati, we used to call. Asked for Norman. Tapi of course, sapelah nak let us thru kan? I was 12, she was 10! hihihi.. Kitorang cousin belah my dad. Batu Pahat. that reminds me - lamanyer dah tak balik kampung! ni ha gambar kitorang berfoya kat Parit Hailam, menjengok2 ape yang ada. These were taken in 2004/5 kot. tak ingat which one. Tapi I tengah praktikal training masa ni.

Boring - Who? Me? NO!

I love music. I love to sing. I think I've already mentioned that in a few of my previous entries. But do you have certain songs that reminded you of a certain occasions? Well, I do.

For example, lagu "Tragedi Oktober" made popular by Awie was huge when my UPSR result was out. "Tak sanggup lagi aku, mengenang kisah lalu... sesalan menghantui hidupku..." So, everytime i heard the song (which is not so often, now that it's considered Retro) I remember the time I had; studying for my UPSR at Sek. Keb. Polis Depot, KL! Sungguh lawak because out of all the songs (I was crazed about KRU. They were the new "New-Kids-On-The-Block" that time) Tragedi Oktober reminds me of 1995! 13 years ago!!!

Talking about KRU, I used to have a scrap book dedicated for them. All the lyrics, cut-out pictures from magazines, gossip of Norman & Amy Mastura, of Yusry and Sasha, of Edry and Linda Rafar... I was a very fond fan of the Malaysian music. hahaha! Giler, sungguh lawaks! I think sumer dah kena makan anai2 bila pindah Keramat or dah buang.

Naik tingkatan satu, Backstreet Boys! And when Michael Jackson was here, I begged Bapak for tickets. Little that I know, he already had two complimentary tickets. So, mum and I was in Stadium Merdeka terjerit2 weeeehhoooo!, Michael, I love you!!! Hahahaha! After that, I have newspaper cut-outs of his concerts, a collection of Michael's videos, cassettes, lalala... I remember, arwah Wan shared a room with me, she has to listen to his songs before sleep because i keep the radio on at night. Dreaming of Michael Jackson! eeeiwww, how poyoS, TIDAK!!!

I think naik sekolah menengah, i dah minat all english songs. I think last KRU album i bought was that english one, tak ingat tajuk dia hape. I started begging Mum for Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, of whatever magazines that has photos of Jonathan Brandis (mati dah - suicide!), Jonathat Jackson, Devon Sawa (last saw in Final Destination) - sumer nak beli. Padahal harga dia bukan murah2 wo! like RM20 ++ or even RM30! Tapi mak I baik orangnye... dia belikan. Cakaplah it will help my english and all. Betul mak, it helps.

On New Kids On the Block, they have a new single coming out "Summertime". I already check out the video at youtube. HOTNESS! Semua hot-hot giler. I used to LOVE Jonathan Knight. Abg kepada the oh-so-handsome Jordan Knight. Dreamy, Yum! Hehehehe.. Ni ha recent picture of the pioneer of all boybands.

I remember during our time in Hulu Langat, mak belikan videotapes of their concerts/videoclips. we learn the moves yang tersangatlah kelakar (you all cariklah kat youtube banyak! :P) and have our pertandingan. You know, kecik2kan sikit2 pertandingan. Melukis/kaler/joget pun ada! Hihihihi... I used to salin all their lyrics from KakLong and KakNgah (my cousins who introduced me to NKOTB when i was 8-9-10? ha, jangan main2. Kecik2 dah terer lagu omputeh.

So apakah tujuan this entry? Nothing, just entertaining readers who actually reads my blog. It has been a while since I last write anything here. I have so many ideas, but tulah... You want to know cerita hantu? I ada banyak! don't worry, hantu2 ni yang tak takut punya. Mawarni tau :)

I'm not a BORING person!

Today all i could thing about soon as i'm awake, "Kena mop lantai!". Hehehe... So yeah, up until just now I was all mengelap, menyapu, menge"mop" my room. And I decided to re-arrange my furniture. Yet again! This is like a once a three month thing for me. Sekejap katil kat tepi, kat tengah; my desk has been located nearly every inch of my room. Ada 4 penjuru, empat2 dia sapu. So, anyway... it's official that today is a "cleaning day". My room ni cepat kumpul dust. Leceh! Dengan ex-rambut yang berterbangan everywhere... sigh~~ Serious mengambil masa. and asyik2 bersin giler tak hengat!

While doing that, I have to have my laptop on. Pasang Beyonce's Live in LA, joget2, sing my heart out, shake2 what my mama give me. Hahah! :) Enjoyable-lah sket the cleaning process.

OKlah, papehal pun - I want to have my breakfast. Dah kul10.30am pun!