Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guitar HERO PS3 Rocks!

I'm on long holiday. Among important things to do:

1. Trip to the saloon (trim, treatment)
2. Facial (all sort of things to make me even more "Cun". That reminds me to buy face mask and pore minimizer)
3. Meet all people that i've promised to meet ( a long list. So kena really plan)

But above all, i want to tell the world I'm polishing my skill playing PS3. Yeap, i've never enjoy playing PS2. But with the existance of GUITAR HERO, i'm enjoying it so much! I'm still at EASY stage, but I can play easy song at MEDIUM stage.

BEGINILAH RUPANYA... Tak tengok Teeny with it lagi! Hehehehe.... Siapa mau try, mari2 kita berkonsert di rumah ku!

And now, i'm enjoying rock song so much because i could do extra gaya rocker for extra points. Loving PS3 with GUITAR HERO to the bits now. I may post picture while rocking with the guitar later on.

For now, better get ready to teman Mak to a wedding. Toodles!

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