Thursday, April 24, 2008

More shoes!

This was taken from I was browsing through all the fashionistas blogs, and i found so many creative people out there expressing themselves with great things that they're wearing. salute!

gorgeous eh? the wedges, awesome. May not be suitable for the office, or jalan2 at Plaza Bintang, or Restoran Muara, well... not like i'm going to buy it anyway! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm rambling about people getting married :P

First and foremost, Happy 25th Birthday to Zukry! I hope you love the present. The very best among all presents, isn't it? It has to be! I think I already topped last year’s birthday present! Thank you PosLaju who has made it all possible. Haha!

It has been a very busy week for me and I was swamped with work and have no time to write an entry but ironically, I have a lot of time to read other peoples blogs :) hehehe... There's always time for the mind to dwell on other things than work, pleasing so many parties - and I specially love these times, wheee!!!

Again, after I bought a ticket to go back to KL, I'm marking and counting the days. It will be on the 28/05/08 until 9/06/08. So that is like a month away... Yeay! It will be a total of 11 days holidays and only 5 days leave. I’m so lucky to have been able to get a break during Hari Gawai but not lucky enough for me to attend important wedding celebrations.

Yes, I have to say wedding invitations are lining up in my year planner. Let me just list down all of the invitations I’ve got so far:

1. Mastura (5th April 08)
She was with me throughout my years as AJK Kolej. I was never a brilliant one, but she was very active. She was an awesome netball player in MRSM Balik Pulau (yeap, we were from the same school too!) and she married her classmate, Nik Hafiz last 2 weekends. It was quite a shock since I received the card like 3days before the event! But I gave her a call and convey my congratulations and everything... Last time we met, was last year at KL Sentral – by accident! If not, we would have not seen each other taktau sampai bila!

2. Diana (May 08)
She messaged me asking for address, so that has no other meaning but to send out invitations! Hers would be in May but I can’t recall when exactly. She was my course mate and she has actually stayed at my house, lupa dah kenapa... She’s very active in her army stuff. Askar wataniah, and doesn’t seem to get bored of it like Bapak and Mawarni :)

3. Shamina (18th May 08)
One of the most important people in my life! I just chatted with her while I was in the office today, and it made my whole week! I can talk to her almost about anything and has never feel like skipping any of the details. We shared a lot during our days in UTM, makan tosei original at her house (Yummy!) I’ve never met her match made in heaven made possible by parents arrangement (I salute you, Sham!) but I’m sure you’re going to be a beautiful bride. When I’m back, you’ll be a wife dear! Hihihi...

4. Panjang (June) and Haniff (July)
These two guys were in my class during our days in INSTEP 5 years ago! (Lamanye!) Both are now working in Borneo, Panjang has just started his duty in Bintulu and Haniff (I have his blog linked to mine) is in Labuan. Both were then still single and desperately looking for one and now, they’re already getting married! Panjang is with Suraiya (who looked lovely in lilac during the engagement, didn’t attend but saw the pic) and Haniff is out there showing his love to Naim (who already looked amazing, almost like bride during their engagement last Shawal) I met Panjang last Sunday and his unforgettable piece of advice would be “Kahwin pakai banyak giler duit!”. OK, noted!

Oh, KakIjat called last week and told me she has already married. Terkejut BERUK sekejap in front of my PC! KakIjat, stopped giving me surprises! Last time she messaged me thru GMAIL and said she’s in German, now she’s married. Sesuka hati je, eh??? :) Miss ya.

I don’t know if there’s more, but I have to say I can’t even attend one of the listed ones. Sigh... jauh sangat!

So, after all that; I supposed I have to start plan my own now. As I recall, it’s not a cheap event to host, and definitely not something I can kid around. I think I’ve posted an entry about whether or not I’m ready, I want to say YES but there’s a little voice still doubting if I’m ready. KakLaila said last week, you’ll never be ready until you’re it. (Deep breath! Sigh.... [again])

Suddenly my entry is about getting married. I’m just babbling without knowing where to go. Always like this, every time I’m writing I’ll be off wondering and type whatever that crossed my mind... Well, it’s Sunday and no harm...

I need new handbag, new wallet, new spectacles, new shoes... Most important, new spectacles. It’s been a year since I wear this green framed PRADA spectacle. Mark that one down, I’m wearing PRADA everyday! How many of you did that? Hihihihi... It sort of hide my face. And i have to say, i get bored after a year I supposed. My first glass was only a year old too. It almost died in Prague, when Soraya accidently stepped on it (I remember how she tried to act as if nothing happen. She’s so cute!) So I supposed it’s that time of the year again... Hehehe. There’s optical boutique in Plaza Boulevard which sell only designers’ specs. I don’t know if I can top this one. It’s PRADA! And oh yeah, I didn’t pay for this. My parents did!

Oklah, before I start rambling on the next topic which I don’t know what, I have to stop here. I’ll write again soon. And oh, no picture in this entry. boring kan?

BTW, Aishah (if you’re reading this) Happy 24th Birthday! Hasfa told me and I got a Friendster Reminder. Have a good one and semoga panjang umur + murah rezeki! I think KakAda and Izza are bringing something later on tonight! Party...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The rainbow made my day

Today, on my way back from work; i saw a perfect semicircle rainbow. It made my exhausting day today seems like ages ago. Looking at it (while at a T-junction) loosen the tight joints of my body. Very destressing indeed :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I want these!

they're definitely not available here in Miri. I don't think they're available there in KL too. But I just think they're adorable. I love Wedges! Maybe because heels can't support me (Haha!) I've tried since forever and NO, me and heels - Just not happening.

Come to think of it, I can't wear this Ked's Hi Wedges too because it's a wedge pump. I can wear a pump (wedge, heel, flats) except maybe for some ballerina flats because the material used is softer.

So, I supposed i can just dream i'm wearing Ked's wedgie then. There's no harm :) Hehehe...