Sunday, March 2, 2008

When you thought that everything's PERFECT...

KakLaila, Iman and yours truly were on our way to restoran Muara (yet again, for me!) for lunch. In front of Plaza Bintang, Kababoom!!! A huge Mazda four wheelers (don't know what it's called) hit my baby kelisa's back.

A minor kemek but i was furious when he said that the kemek was from eksiden dolu2. HELLO, i know my car lah. Dengdong betul!!! And then, i pick up his pieces of plat number on the ground - and make my "Are-you-really-that-stupid" or "Do-you-think-I'm-that-stupid?" look.

The irony thing was that Sharlyna just came back from claiming her car (a Kelisa imago) from the workshop after a similar accident... She singgah to hantar something to Aishah right before i keluar.

Well, i supposed; one minute your happy; the next you got hit by a Mazda :( That's life. Moving ON!!!

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xitane said...

poor u. jgn lepaskan sape yg langgar tu..kuang asam, xnak ngaku lak. ishh..ape²pun bwk bersaba la ye.