Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I really did last weekend

I have so many things in my mind right now. I wish to blog about every single thing i experienced here in Miri or while i was away in KL but every single topic that was very interesting ended up not being told as I would be doing something else once I'm in front of my laptop. I read somebody else's blog, gawk at people who can seem to buy all beautiful things ever existed, window shopping using Windows (hehe...) or simply watching Friends over and over again. I can ever remember when is when and the line as well. :)

What I did last weekend?

I know it was so "poyo-ish" of me to wait for Konsert Akademi Fantasia yesterday. But hell to it, I enjoyed watching it with Hasfa and Nadrah (hasfa's housemate) at her house. I ended sleeping over. But all in all, I was not home watching it by myself. I thought if I have something to look forward to (like last weekend case: AF6. haha!), my weekend would be arranged and I'll be really enjoying it...

Prior to this little AF6 party, I was out shopping for some stuff. I bought 4 CetRom DVDs, a weighing machine; a new bed sheet set (comes with a comforter at 70% less! B-E-A-U-tiful!) and i went to Tupperware and get three stuffs (one very cool container! Hihi. I can’t believe I bought my own Tupperware containers! I used to go to a Tupperware party when I was in Hulu Langat. With my mum lah... :P)

picture from:

check out my bedsheet. so sweet. I only used a one colour sheet before. I have pink, blue and red. Now, i have a floral pattern one... yea!

I also bought a new curtain. But only after I came back that I realize, I have no idea how to hang it. It’s not the hook type; you just look at what I’ve done to mend it) in the pic. The pink ribbon does not really jive with the silver/grey material but whatever. I think a wonderful silver organza would do the trick. Of course, I didn’t have spare silver organza ribbons in my room. (I’ve been having this satin pink ribbon since last year because i thought of something creative but never finish it until today)

Sunday was a spring cleaning day. To my surprise, my baju-baju fit in my new wardrobe. Maybe I have a gazillion laundry hang outside and some is already in the drawers and the chest i bought early last year, but hey - tetap muat! Maknanya, tak cukup baju lagi lah ni :) hahaha! I have four more at a local tailor here in Miri. She said siap by this week. Yippee!

Now I don’t know where I’m going so I’m ending my entry here. I’m leaving some pictures as evidence of my story.

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