Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Online Shopping works!

I received my first item from shopping at! Here it is. I was so excited, and i just get a blurry photo - and be done with. Malas nak snap so many times :)

The pic on the right was the one posted in the blog. and guess what, i have another dress coming. A kimono wrap dress, hope that one is perfect too.

This pink/orangy long shirt is from OASIS - a famous UK Brand. The ads are all over UK mags (Glamour UK) i bought from pasar malam Miri. The material is fine, perfect fit, exactly my size and so so cheap. Thanks babe!

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Anonymous said...

questions on the kedailelong...items yg dijual tu is it something like reject shop concept? how do you know your size? how long did it take for your order to arrive? how did you pay for the order?..mak tam